To Switch Or Not?

We all know that medications have side effects, and that some have worse ones than others. When I got off the metformin, I was so happy that I was feeling better that I didn't care about the side effects of the Cycloset.

It has one that I absolutely love--I'm almost never hungry. I could go from breakfast to dinner without eating at all and not be even a little hungry. I've lost the weight I gained back from met, but no, I haven't lost any more. (What a shame...)

And then it has one that I absolutely hate--I'm always, always tired. I have fibromyalgia, so I'm used to being tired. But on Cycloset, I'm so tired that I don't function at all without coffee, and coffee just takes the edge off. After drinking coffee consistently for years, I've finally become addicted just because I can't go a single day without it or else I sleep the entire day.

I hate to nitpick over a side effect that just isn't that bad-sounding, but it's difficult to live with. Do I sacrifice a med that seems to be controlling my BG without worse issues, or do I try another one and hope for zero side effects?