To the bottom of the sea!

i’m devoting a little extra time tonight to my future ex-husband (there’s a list…ask if you must >_< ), Voltaire. tonight is the second live feed of his newest cd and i MUST listen for his blog did fortell it’s occurance on this very eve. thanks myspace. :slight_smile: sadly, it’s halfway through so far. but it’s brilliantly old world and makes me want to break out my bellydancing skills for it’s eclectic gypsy feel. even my jezabelle came in to listen to it. right now it’s on his cover of Accordion Player. his voice is so wonderful on these more serious songs (feathery wings is a fav of mine and i really like is cover of love song). yes, i am a fangirl and no, i don’t care. he can go ahead and call me if he wants to claim his number on the ex-husband list (#1 came and went already, sorry voltair).

just a little side note on my voltaire history (just incase he comes across this i’d like him to know how he got this fangirl hooked). in february of this year, my fiance and i went up to syracuse for the ball at trexx (must say, i miss the fruit buffet rather than cakes, but live music was a nice touch) because i hadn’t gone in a few years since i started planting my roots here in VA and my best friend said it just wasn’t as fun to go without me. so we went and everyone was talking about voltaire. we had no idea who this guy was (well, apartently i did, but that’s just because i refuse to stop watching the cartoon network). but we left our little den in the smoking area and watched him play. i do believe he opened with ex-lovers lovers and we were hooked. he’s a bit goth, a bit “mock the goths”, and a bit of old world. like i said, he’s got a really great voice. and my fiance and my favorite song to describe our relationship is Stuck With You.

oh, blah blah blah diabetes. blah blah blah stupid medicare.

le sigh it is over (i must admit, i stuck around for a second playing just so i could check out what voltaire had to say (and listen to his beautiful duet again) but i am content, if not hungry to aquire this collection of spiffy songs and make it a part of my voltaire ipod shine of sound. and for the record, yes V lolcat makers do drool…lots. iz becuz we canst has propur grammerz no moar.