To the endo every 6 weeks!

Well, I went to my first (regular) endo appointment in Hungary-- with a pump specialist.

It was short sweet and to the point. He glanced at my numbers and was amazed at how great they are!! BUT he only looked at the last 3 days (when I indeed had really good numbers)!! I brought in 3 months of numbers. Oh well. Made me look better than I am.

He checked my feet and they seem to be fine. Took blood for the A1c and thyroid. I asked a few questions. Then he said, “OK, see you in 6 weeks. Bring your numbers in again.” I looked puzzled and he said that he sees all his type 1 patients every 6 weeks!!! (Wow!!)

I was surprised and a little confused. As I was leaving, I asked the nurse how I should make an appointment. She said that I don’t need one. That I just show up every six weeks on Wednesday and the doctor will take a quick look at my numbers.

I’m actually pretty happy about this. If nothing else, it will force me to be a little more disciplined about logging my numbers because I need to at least every six weeks.

In the USA, it was SO hard for me to get an appointment with my endo. When I did, I stayed as long as possible asking all possible questions. Now it was a really short visit, but I felt OK with it cause I know that I will see him again in six weeks!

Hi Kristin,

Congrats on the good numbers. I’m envious that your endoc. wants to review your numbers so frequently. You’re right, it’s hard to get in to see an endocrinologist here in the States. I wish I had someone to report to that much. It should be a great motivator!

Debb,I am glad Kristin is happy with her hungarian endo,are you Kristin? Since I joined I discovered many members are not very satisfied with theirs.I keep reading and discovering all views so I can improve my practice and my patients satisfaction with our team.

Debb, there was nothing wrong with your comment!!

I’m happy that I will get to see him every 6 weeks, but it 's too early to tell how helpful it will be. The visit was really short and he said one thing that worried me. He said that I am measuring my blood sugar TOO OFTEN. I measure 7-10 times a day. The government only pays for 5 test strips per day. I told him that I was OK paying for the rest on my own. He said “OK, but it’s useless to measure more than 5 times a day.”

I told him that I am preparing for pregnancy and want to see an A1c under 6 eventually. I think that he is under the impression that I measure my blood sugar to show him!! And he said that five times is enough. I don’t measure my blood sugars to show him— I measure them so I know how to manage from day to day…

Debb picked up on something that I’m still worried about (but didn’t write directly), whether he is really listening. I decided that I will do to at least 2 more visits with him before I decide. The visit was too short to really know whether he was a doctor that I can work well with. I need a really attentive endo to help me through the first pregnancy (maybe next year)!! So it’s so important to find the right one… soon.

Sohair, I think that really listening to the patients is the best thing that a doctor can do!! But from knowing you, I’m sure that you do that!!!

Thank you for your email!! I see my doctor quite frequently now (every 3-4 weeks since my numbers have gotten out of control. He has never looked at my feet!!! I really think that I should see a new doctor, but don’t want to leave mine while in the middle of this crisis. I have been really out of control since the stomach virus. I have come down a lot, but need to come down a lot more!! TYhis is all so hard and overwhelming.
Your wedding pictures are beautiful-- especially the photo of you walking down the aisle, smiling. My son is getting married on October 19, and my daughter his having her third baby the next day!!! I have a lot to be healthy for!!!

Every 6 weeks!!! I think the only thing that bothered me is he didn’t look past the last 3 days of your reading’s? let us know how it works out for you

Wow, so I wonder how often those not in control have to see him! Did he not have the technology to download your numbers from your monitor?