To the greatest cheering team on the internet

If it weren’t for your support; I don’t think I would have gone for it.
To whomever said “Get the to a young Dr!” I did:)
I guess I went one better. This guy turns out to be the Dr for the Professional Hockey Team called the STINGRAYS! Hee!
hee! ummm… I also got brave and invited him to come visit here.
OK Pretty much as we guessed. I’m type2 and today my A1C was up by .1 from June.
I’m on 1 baby asprin a day.
1 lipitor a day,
1 Fortamet (Metformin) extended release a day ummm… I forgot the last one… but will pick up the stuff tomorrow from the pharmacy. ( He even wrote the script so that I can get 180 test strips for my favorite meter!)
I think I’ll live a long while longer.
Thankyou for being here for me and being on this journey with me.

Aw - this is GREAT news ML.

On to good diabetes - and other - management for you!


Excellent news - and well done for taking that step.

I’m so happy to hear that your appointment went so well! Test after you eat, figure out what you can eat that keeps your blood sugar within normal bounds, and you’ll live to see all of your many grandchildren. Looks like you’ve got some great kids, btw!

And re kids, it’s very good to explain why you eat what you eat when you are normalizing your blood sugar. I used to buy carby stuff for the kids if they asked for it, but I stopped serving potatoes and bread with every meal and the kids learned a lot of better habits. When my daughter discovered in her 20s that her blood sugar was abnormal, she knew how to eat and more importantly, it wasn’t a big deal to her because she already knew that most people eat far too many carbs and she knew a lot of the tricks that make it possible to enjoy food without mounds of pasta etc.

Thankyou Everyone:)
I do have alot to figure…
Meanwhile, I hope you all will join in the chats… I missed a chance tonight.
Maybe we can catch each other soon?

Congrats. Happy you finally dove in and got some good results. Your doc sounds like a good one.

Wonderful news!! I’m so glad your getting the care you need. It sounds like you have a good doctor that you like, and that helps make it a little easier.

I’m so happy for you! Glad you found a good Dr (there seem to be too few these days),keep us posted!