To those lucky ones who already have the Vibe

Are there any improvements on the holsters? I like a low profile one that also rotates so I have the choice to have it horizontal or vertical. When you got your Vibe, what was included in the box?


Is the holster the thing that you can attach it to your belt with? I have a vibe and the attacher thing is really good and holds well. Mine came with the pump, the holster, a spare battery cover (apparently they need to be replaced every 6 months), a screen protector and I think that's all. I also got to choose the colour and got a pink pump! :)

Ditto, with the exception of getting pink! The belt clip is easy to connect/disconnect and very sturdy. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to rotate though...

Here in Australia the Vibe only comes with the one clip that holds it vertically on a belt, no holster.

I am happy for the time being with the clip so haven't looked around for anything else.

Sorry I saw that someone below said a holster is not the clip. My vibe has only a verticle clip as-well. Its very sturdy though and holds in place well.

Update. I really prefer horizontal, I'm fairly short-waisted. Anyway, I ws looking for holsters for cell phones and found the "verizon G'zone Boulder Casio c711" Thjey were on sale for $1.99 so I ordered two. I'll report back when I get them. There was some effort to find the dimensions, and they are close to the Animas pump. Funny, before the flat and skinny phones, cell phone cases worked well.

Can you explain what a "holster" is, artwoman? It sounds bulky! I like the simple clip on because it doesn't add any bulk and impact the profile of my clothing any more than necessary.

In the Great Old Days when I had my Cozmore, I had a halster that was a small, i.e.thin guage plastic "cradle" that held my pump. It rotated to horizontal/vertical as I wanted. Again, I am thwarted by an inability to draw on a forum page! It was not bulky at all. Altho it gave me the horizonal placement I preferred, it wasn't as low porfile as the currrent clip on my Animas Ping. Hmmm as I write this, I am thinking of stealing the leather "Levi's brand thingy on my husbnads jeans ant putting that on the waistband of my jeans.If I sewed it horizontally onmy waistband, I would have a strong enough fabric to slide my pump onto.... Hmmmmmm

An update. I thoiught about how Icould creat a horizontal structure within the waistband that would support the pump, using the clip from Animas. I tried a large binder clip, and it worked, but was too thick (or wide from front to back - geez I wish we could make a drawing here) ANyway, my husband suggested trying a man's money clip. So I am off to Macy's next week to check in the men's dept. If a money clip with provide the support and allow me to slide the pump on horizontally, then problem is solved. I really don't like vertical because I am short waisted and if I bend over I am crimping things. Stay tuned.