To worry or not , the challenge ?....26 years plus after breast surgery and some concerns

I went to my GP about 6 weeks ago and complained about my FATTER right arm ( lymphodema ) …it is fatter since the heat wave started here in the Shuswap, BC , Canada. Todate :X-ray of arm , a body bone scan , a hip X-ray , because the bone scan showed bursitis in the right hip , and an ultra sound of the arm …I had lympnodes removed in 1984 ; wear a tension sleeve most of the time ( with the hot weather a darn nuisance, since I sweat a lot ;-( ) and had some massage treatments. I have a GP app’t on Aug. 12 to explain the results and see a specialist on Aug. 18. Am telling my hubby to remind me " to get off it " , when I get down and cranky . Tu community : please tell me same .BG numbers do not seem to have been affected . And I want to continue keeping focussed on my1/2 marathon training , October 11. 2009 , Victoria, BC, Canada .

are they worried you have something wrong with your lymph nodes?

my boyfriend had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (6 years in remession) that started in the lymph nodes in his thighs. He is healthy today =)

I hope all is good for you and the results are all positive! And good luck with your marathon! I was going to run a marathon in Phoenix in January but I messed my knee up in June =(. Good luck!!!

Thanks Brooke for your comment .
I am not sure what the worry is about ; the nodes were removed in 1984 , hence the fluid nor being removed through the system .
I was rather surprised to learn , about the bursitis …NO aches ! And I walk a lot .
I recall you posting about your messed up knee …are you on the mend ? Doing some running/walking ??
I will post the results of Aug 12 and Aug 18 doctors visits …

Good luck with your tests! Sounds like the big D is under control so that’s a nice positive to focus on. No use worrying about the other until it’s something to worry about. Just do what you’re supposed to do and then just enjoy your summer.

First of all, hats off to you and the training for the marathon! You are quite a woman.
Don’t worry, all is fine. Sooooooooooooooooo “Get off it”!! LOL
Best of wishes

Kathy and Robyn,

You are both totally correct with your observations …I " got off it " and slept quite well last night …one day at the time …thank you both .

I messed up a lot of nerves and somehow moved some tissues around but didn’t tear anything. Right now I am doing physical therapy to “put everything back in place” but I will probably have to have surgery in the fall sometime =/.

Hope you are well!

Brooke let us know your progress report about your knee …no soccer for you for a while ??
I feel mentally pretty OK and do look forward to my app’t with my GP next Wed. ( general practitioner )

Debb, you are right about not worrying at this time. I did drop by the Specialist’s office today and asked the receptionist what type of a Specialist she is : " a surgeon " …could really not tell me anymore, even after which I said :" OK , will google surgery and lymphodema " …and thank you for thinking good thoughts and sending them my way . I really appreciate all your TU members responses .

Today a chat with my GP …I am so happy to have her as my GP; technology at her finger tips ! …she has returned from her holiday , keyed my name into her computer VOILA , did remind me, that bursitis is in the right hip, no aches …this is what the bone scan revealed …we agreed …I shall just continue with training for my 1/2 M !
The ultra sound revealed a small lesion ; the Surgeon , I am referred to August 18 , does biopsies etc. related to breast cancer , she explained . Since my fat arm becoming fat happened so long after surgery " everyone" thinks , I should be seen by her. Anyway …this is comforting : no long waiting periods and GP just wants to be sure . She asked if the tension sleeve has been helpful …I don’t really think so . It is cooler here now, which is helpful .
I think , I am finally growing up : have not been too stressed out about this , ie have been quite nice to hubby and friends and visitors alike , HURAH …and YES , the big D doing OK too.

Hopefully my last update on this blog and THANK you all for listening .
Met the nicest ( female ) surgeon today a girl could ask for …this is the second American Doctor I have met here in paradise ( Shuswap ) …they seem to love it here :slight_smile: . She did a full exam of upper bode and did notice some irregularities in my posture , due to the surgery in 1984 .
Chronic lymphedema , 7mm( 3/4 inch ) lesion …wear a tension sleeve , esp when flying , do exercises , wear gardening gloves, avoid skin irretations etc., no finger pokes on right arm to avoid infection and measuring of BP …carry on with life …NO surgery …lypo suction not necessarely effective …I am good to GO and if I have concerns see GP and / or see her . And I probably forgot some of the stuff she said at this moment.

Indeed Deb , relieved about no surgery and I’ll continue to walk for all of us with diabetes , because I can :slight_smile: