Toast to the thirty three trapped miners in chile central america

The Will to be alive has kept you all these 65 plus days despite being in the custody of the Earth which is not satisfied with taking life.

When I take a critical look at the mystery of these men being alive and keeping on, it points to the fact that when there is unity and comradeship, sky is the limit to which we can achieve anything we so desire. It so happens that someone among the thirty three persons is living with diabetes.

There are so many lessons to be learnt from these men who are instantly heroes .When they where going down the mine no body among them new this fate is coming their way. Had they been opportune to know, many would have turn down the offer to be a hero.

The spirit of survival both from families and Government and indeed the international community has been fully in operation since these days. As you come into this world, I wish to welcome you and encourage you to continue to build comradeship amongst your colleagues and other workers in your company. I wish to urge you not to fear anything in the near future and I wish you good health and happy stay with your family here on Earth. visit to see more on,

As one of the reporters said,“Simply Amazing”. God bless them all.

Hi Judith,
Many tanks to you and all other members of the family who has been at vigil at this rare occurence of history.To God be the Glory. It means with consistency one day diabetes will have a cure, Yes is possible.cheers