Today: Calorie Control!

Today: Calorie Control! Three adults and a young lady share the space we call home. That Lady is a 1 ½ year old boxer-blend dog, and our exercise machine. She is rather active - a 2 hour walk around town does not suffice. A good hour of running in the woods, and she might be happy. None of us can run that fast, so we walk.

Sunday was my husband’s birthday, and a huge chunk of birthday cake was leftover. Too large to store in a cupboard, it sat quietly hidden under foil.

Son says “I’m going to have to eat all that cake - you can’t, and Dad can’t. It’s all up to me.”

“Son,” I said, “do you really think you need all those calories?”

“Sure,” he says, I’ll spend an extra couple hours at the gym after I finish it" (Mom wonders if this counts as logical reasoning?)

So the cake sits under foil, waiting to be devoured.

This morning, there appears to be a troop of army ants in my kitchen. Looking closer, I see a trail of icing and crumbs. The likely culprit is nowhere to be seen. Peeking under the foil and there it is - in the midst of a beautiful green and white cake - a large canine nose print! The cake is tossed, and the cleanup begins.

Lady should be reprimanded, but let’s be honest here. How do I discipline a never-ending exercise machine and new-found calorie control canine?


That’s one way to cut calories!!! I remember with great fondness a birthday party we arranged for a friend when I was in my early 20’s (yes, about 10,000 years ago). We had a confab and decided to “hide” the birthday cake in a bedroom with the door closed to keep dogs/kids from getting too excited and jumping the gun on cake time.

We rested easy knowing that the cake was safe and sound on top of a highboy dresser in the bedroom.

When it was time to light the candles, I heard a shriek from the bedroom. We all ran to see what was the matter, and found a friend pointing at our beautiful cake, which had a big “shark bite” shaped V eaten out of it. Huh?

There was a very suspicious tail poking out from under the bed, and we found our culprit: the shy kitty who managed to hide in the bedroom until the delicious aroma of cake tempted it from it’s hiding place under the bed long enough to have a snack.

A few stray flecks of frosting and a VERY bulging belly were all the proof we needed; there were no sharks in that bedroom, just one very strange cat.

Lady is definitely a multi-purpose canine. Can you clone her ?

What Cat said! I want one just like her! LOL!

Doris and catlover - I’m not sure you want to clone this one… watch for future blogs about life with Lady, your opinion may change!@

Hugs to precious Lady.

She is just beautiful! And now she has a career too! I’m waiting for my dogs to find one – it’s about time they earned their keep. :slight_smile:

She’s gorgeous. She’d be welcome in my home anytime.