Today didn't start out that good

I got up this morning to go to work but first had to change my quickset which was sore starting yesterday and I had also seen blood in the plastic piece that hooks up to the tubing so it really needed to be changed. I took my shower, pulled off the quickset from the old site and cleaned up the wound. No blood or infection. Just sore. I decided to switch sides and proceeded to insert a new set. Boy that hurt when I pushed the buttons on the inserter. I must of hit a blood vessel or something and wouldn’t stop hurting until I pulled it out and wouldn’t you know it, it’s a gusher. Got some paper towels, and went to the bathroom and got another quickset and inserted that one. So far today my blood sugars have been ok and for most of the week too which is good since for the last few weeks I have been struggling with high blood sugars and I am glad to see reasonable numbers again. Hopefully it will continue.

Richard - what a bloody bummer! It’s no doubt happened to you in the past, so you are prepared. But those gushers, to the uninitiated, are definitely the stuff of slasher flicks. On the bright side, your blood sugars have been good. The day may have started gruesome, but it sounds like you’re back in the saddle.

Hang in there, darlin’! :slight_smile:

I applaud you pumpers…damn tough people. Glad that you are doing better. :slight_smile: