Today, I am a mess

Just when I think I have things under control…I go and do something extremely mindless. First, I left my meter at work yesterday, so no testing from yesterday after lunch until I got in to work this morning. Then, this morning, I took the Byetta and ate and completely forgot to take my oral meds and the regular insulin. I have a meeting directly after work this evening so I won’t be home until around 10:00 pm which means no regular insulin and no Byetta before dinner. I’ll definitely have to watch my carb intake today. I’m already at 168 2 hours after breakfast. sigh I’m going to have to talk to the doctor about getting some backup insulin or something.

Boy do I understand all of this. I work second shift and it is on it’s best day confusing. Planning is the key. Good Luck

First - dont beat yourself up - we all forget to bolus or take a shot from time to time -

Second, i highly recommend keeping an extra bottle of insulin and a syringe with you at all times…I am on a pump and still carry a syringe and insulin…you never know what can happen, forgetting the shot/bolus, occlusion in the pump line, unnotice air bubble, super high blood sugar - over 350 always calls for a ‘shot’ - just so i can ‘make sure’ the insulin makes its way into me.

Good luck today and if you get to high, skip your meeting and go home… safety first.

Hi I am Tara and new to here but I wanted to give you this link for a free One touch Mini maybe you can keep it at the office and the regular meter at home…