Today I saw someone who reminded me of you

He reminded me of all of you…all of us.

I dropped him off at the hospital…at the ER because the Doc said he needed to go.

I think he was there for maybe 15 min max, decided he didn’t want to do biz with them, and walked 6 miles back to my house for a ride home.

I guess he didn’t really need to go to the ER after all. I was impressed.

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I’m not sure to what you are referring or if we are to take your words literally. Your words make one think, very thoughtful and poetic. I hope if you are referring to a real person, that person is A-OK.

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He’s fine. I’m checking in. Gonna schedule him at the Mayo.

He reminded me of us because of some reason I can’t identify.
He was frustrated with medicine. He was keenly aware that the hospital/medical system had not been treating him well.

Those are the peeps I send to Mayo.