Today I updated my Profile Picture

To reflect my 70 lb loss… And I just want to thank all of you. I would never be able to do any of this without support… and I wouldn’t want to do this Diabetes thing with anyone else! :slight_smile:

My old picture:

I feel pretty good… :slight_smile: I often don’t get too many reactions from immediate friends and family because they see me every day… but whenever I bump into someone I haven’t seen in a long time… Wow! :slight_smile: It’s a great feeling, they get blown away. :slight_smile: I do feel a little more self confident, but because I can physically do more things… and I’m not always losing my breath, and dying… And that’s something to feel wonderful about. :slight_smile:

Lizmari, you look fantastic! What a journey you’ve been on! I’m just six weeks into my goal of 50 pounds to lose. How did you overcome the plateaus?

Calorie cycling, exercising, and plain ol’ patience. :slight_smile: I always double check, here, to make sure I have the right calories going on, too… and sometimes I do food journaling to get an idea of the calories in all I eat.

This is really great Lizmari !
You look so different now, so healthy and pretty.

You were a beautiful woman then and a beautiful woman now. Probably moreso now because you’re happy.

Awww… :))) Thanks so much. I’m gonna get all teary eyed, now. lol That was too sweet. :slight_smile:

How did you do it? You look great and I’m looking for some motivation. Since taking insulin all I have done is gain and I can’t stand it.

I seriously cut back on the carbs, using my meter to gauge how much my body could handle… and avoiding serious margins of error. The more carbs we eat, the bigger the margin of error in dosing for insulin, and the more weight we gain. I also did the last four points which I discussed in this blog post, at the bottom:

Oh, thank you!!! Your support keeps me encouraged, too… that I need to have courage, and be brave not just for myself, but also for those who look up to me. :slight_smile: We can all do this thing, together! :slight_smile:

You look wonderful. Very inspiring. Two weeks ago I re-started my weight loss journey and getting my BS under control. My doctor changed my meds from Janumet to Victoza and metformin. I just started the the new meds this past Friday.

Wow!! Congrats to you! This is definately inspriation for me to get back on track with my weight loss. I need to loose 40 lbs and have struggled for a long time. It started with the weight gain at my diagnosis, bad doctor, bad nutritionist etc… the the weight gain at each pregnancy (2) and then lifestyle catching up with my 40 yr old self. The weight is hard on my petite frame only 5’ tall on a good day!! Thank you for sharing your successes and I will continue to check back in for information and inspiration. P.S. hope to chat with you Wed night on DSMA

I did it all with Intuitive Eating! :slight_smile: No crazy nutritionist, no crazy diets… No counting calories… :slight_smile: Just watching the carbs for the sake of the ol’ D, but that’s it. :slight_smile: And I’m also 4’9". lol