Today is the day!

Going to see the doctor in just about 4 hours! Hope I’ll get some answers today.
If I’m diagnosed, then fine. I won’t cry! I’ve done so much reading before, so it probably won’t be too much of a shock. Needles doesn’t bother me at all so I’d definitely not have a problem with sticking myself. Already done fingerpricks myself for bit more than 4 years. I learned it in my 3rd year of high school during an intensive course in animal nursing. We were going to learn how to use a glucose monitor, and got to test ourselves :stuck_out_tongue: Learned from a pro because my teacher in that course was diabetic. Nurses are not allowed to come near me with a lancet after that! LOL

Oh well, I’m rambling… Time to eat breakfast!

Good luck Jennie

Good Morning Jennie:

Hey,you’re from Sweden. Very Cool!! :slight_smile:

Whoa! You must be all nerves right now. I know I would be. Well, you know…whatever you discover today…I just hope that it brings you to be a
Healthy and Happy Being. That’s the main thing. Whatever else can be
figured out later. I wish you Peace. Have a Very Good Day!!! :o)

Let us know how it goes!!!