Today is your big day....if you were Sotomayor, what would you do?

The prediction for Sotomayor is that everything will be fine, barring a “big meltdown.”

So…I’m sure a big thing for Sotomayor is to make sure she doesn’t going low during her confirmation hearings. Imagine…YOU WILL BECOME A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE AS LONG AS YOU CAN AVOID HYPOGLYCEMIA FOR A 4 or 6 HOUR PERIOD OF TIME!!!

What would you do? Keep your blood sugar at 200, just to be safe? Start your day at 100 but just eat protein for the day and live off your basal insulin and maybe a REALLY small bolus here and there? Would you ask to be excused so that you could check your BG? Would you admit that you might be getting low and you need to pop a glucose pill?

Have you ever had a situation where it would be enormously catastrophic for your blood sugar to go low?

Although it’s not the best for my physical health, I always keep my BG high when a low would be VERY inconvenient. My logic is that when the event is over, I can correct it. If I go low, I’d have to stop everything to treat it.

So far, the “worst” situation where my diabetes made itself evident was during a presentation to about 50 people. All of a sudden, the pod from my OmniPod insulin pump started beeping incessantly. There was nothing else to do but stop everything and “fix” the situation, which I did with a smile and a comment about how inconvenient it can be to have diabetes. After the presentation, a woman approached me who was diabetic, too. She wanted to know more about the OmniPod. :slight_smile:

For me, it’s a teachable moment.

For Judge Sotomayor, it’s a catastrophe when people are looking for any sign of weakness to pounce upon.


I don’t understand what the big deal is. If she went low, what is the problem with having a glass of juice at the bench, or some gluc tabs?

Other than that, I don’t have a problem with not eating all day. My BG generally stays in the “normal” range between 80-140 all day long w/out any kind of treatment.

During her recesses, she might be able to check her BG.

The only thing is, if she does go high or low, what if her emotions, etc change? I know when I’m high, I’m a moody b^tch… and when I’m low, sometimes I talk complete nonsense. That would be really unfortunate.

I think I would trust that I would be ok if BG was greater than 80mg/dl going in…but, would keep glu tabs close. When I have given big presentations I usually “think” I am having a low but, I am just nervous! I tend to overtreat no matter what I do. Seems that they always have a glass of H20 on the table during these things…I would just make sure mine had glucose in it!

Yeah some of that Crystal Light stuff- who would know the difference?