Today’s frustration is the infusion sets. I’m using the Silhouette set from Medtronic, but always seem to have trouble getting it in properly, even after changing to a steeper angle. I primed last night, and am about to load up my 5th cannula since then. It doesn’t look like it is leaking (no blood, can’t smell it, looks like it is still adhered properly), but my sugars were just 325, I had a 290 and a 340 last night. I injected some insulin again to bring it down, but am going to ask about different sets.

I’ve been using the CareLink software for a couple of days now, I like it quite a bit, relieves a lot of the manual record keeping. One thing I noticed this morning, was that there seems to be no place to record the times you have to manually inject insulin in response to hyperglycemia. You can add it as a note in the logbook on changing your insertion set, but I would much rather have the insulin show up in the Insulin column where it belongs not as a note way out to the side.

Other than that, pretty quiet, kids are good, they’ll be over this weekend. Which reminds me I need to hit the grocery store, tomorrow nite probably. My daughter is really excited about the Twilight movie coming out. She and several of her friends are going to the midnite show to see the first showing… in costume… I offered to go with her to it, but I got that “I guess you could drop me off out front” look, lol

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one

Hi Sarah,

I’m meeting with my trainer again tomorrow, she’s going to show me some other types of insertion sets… I’m sure we’ll find one that works more consistently for me. I’ve had trouble with this type since I started, I figured it was just inexperience, buy I seem to be having consistent problems

I haven’t read any of the Twilight books yet. I usually do when they get all excited about a particular series (such as Harry Potter, but haven’t this time. I think they already have will-call tickets paid for


Have you tried manually inserting the Sils? I know a lot of people here that use the Sils prefer to manually insert them. I know that is what I prefer to do and then I can choose the angle I want to use.

We changed infusion sets to the Sure-T type, seems to be working better…