Told by doctor that non diabetic child has abnormal bloodsugars

We ended up at A & E the other weekend. Our daughter had headaches of and on for a week and then vomiting and a temp.

The doctor at the after hours service thought that our daughter had viral meningitis. We were sent to the hospital for tests to make sure she did not have bacterial meningitis.

She had neither.

But the doctor said that the blood sugar of 6.3mmol/l or 113mg/dL was abnormal and that with the family history (Older brother type 1) she will need testing once a month.

She thew up only four times and was going pee lots and lots. Also she had not eaten for 6 hours when test was taken.

What do you fine folks think of this???

Have you checked her blood sugar at home?

I do agree that you should test her throughout the day to see how her sugars evolve before/after meals, etc.

Do get another medical opinion, but it appears to me that the frequent urinating and the fasting sugars are not typical and should be payed close attention to.

Please keep us posted.

We have tested her before now as our girls wanted to know what their brother was experiencing every day. Her blood sugars were fine.

The next day after the hospital visit we tested her before breakfast and she was 3.6mmol/l or 50.4mg/dL.

I was under the understanding that if you are sick you can have elevated blood sugars even if you haven’t eaten.

She has not had any problems with frequent urination since that night. We have a appointment at the hospital for my son on the 3rd of Jan so will chat to the doctor then.

Indeed, when you are sick your blood sugars can be elevated regardless of meals. It can be one of the most frustrating experiences for someone with diabetes. You can read more about it here:

A fasting BG of 50.4 seems very low for your daughter. Please let us know how your chat with the doc goes this week.

We went to the Diabetes Clinic and saw the doctor. He shook his head and said “There is no need to worry, nothing wrong, over cautious doctor.”

So that was the end of that!

What a relief!