Tom and Richard Video Chat?

In January 2013 there was a tuDiabetes video chat with Tom Beatson and Richard Vaughn.It was at this link which no longer takes it to their chat: External Videos Archive - TuDiabetes Archive | TuDiabetes.

Did these videos survive the move to the new TuD platform? if so, is there a link to find this video?

As some of you may know, Tom passed away on July 25 after 74 years with Type 1 diabetes. He was on track to receive his 75-year medal from Joslin in December and had even chosen a date for a party in Phoenix. A kind, inspirational, intelligent, and opinionated man whom I was lucky to know in person and on Facebook.

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I thought we had moved our archive. I think we will have to ask @cynthia_rogers and @mrmikelawson

When I got sent to what I thought was the archived site, it didn’t find anything when I searched for the video.

Check the link now: Live Interview with Tom & Richard - TuDiabetes


Thanks for the updated link, Mike.