Tomorrow i make my choice

happy day everyone! it is incredibly windy here today. i am pretty sure i just saw the wicked witch fly by! so tomorrow i meet with the girls at my DEC(diabetic education centre) to make my final decision on which pump to go with. i think i will have to have them lay them all out on the table and once again take a really good look at them. i am pretty sure (98%) that the Animas Ping is the one i will go with. i know it does not have the option of a CGM at this time, but that doesn’t really worry me. not sure right now that i would wear one anyway. it IS waterproof, and with 2 small grandchildren and an inground pool, that might be important :sunglasses: it does have the remote, which i like. if i recall it is not huge or heavy like i found the Accu-Chek Combo to be. i did like the size of the Medtronic Veo, but i dont understand why, when it has it’s own metre that can tell the pump your BG, why it isn’t able to bolus from it too! anyway, i do believe i have made up my mind, what do you think?? LOL!

It’s like Christmas!! And you’re going to sit on Santa’s lap tomorrow. Get it right girl, or you might end up with something you don’t want under your tree!!!


I’m joking. Whatever you decide, I’m certain it will improve the quality of your life! YAY!!!

You will make the right choice. You’ve done your research, you know what features you want. Have fun!