Trying to control my demons.
I might look like I am winning but everytime I get the gold medal I dont get to step on that podium. Each day is a different battle today is the day I question every detail.
How? why? What? When? its just another vicious cycle.
Tomorrow will be better.

Tomorrow comes but it isn’t any different just a differenit feeling today is worry because I am meeting a friend in town with my toddler…
If I hypo will my daughter be safe?
If I do this what will happen? If I eat that how will I deal with it?do I have everything I need? will people stare when I have to take my insulin.
Its just never ending.
Tomorrow will be better.

Today we have company at least me and my daughter have people around just incase but they just make me feel like I am doing a terrible job why do you look so tired?should you be eating that? Has your little one got your illness? The questions dont end but I quickly reassure myself its me dealing with my diabetes,I am as near to normal as I could possibly get, they don’t fight these demons how can they judge.
Tomorrow will be better.

Today has just started and I already feel tired my sugar levels kept me up most of the night plus my toddler crying in her sleep.
Tomorrow will be better…

Tomorrow always keeps me fighting this disease. Taking my insulin,testing and everything else I go through might lead me to the cure.

Tomorrow is what I fight for.

And tomorrow will come with one more battle but you are stronger than you think. You have a lot of worries and I can only imagine your anxiety. But, it is going to be fine. Some days you will feel you're in the battle but other days you will see that you have defeated the enemies that come your way and you will feel in control and so much better. I am here. If you ever need to talk. There are lots of people here that truly understand and when you need to vent, we will join you and say, "I understand. I've been there or I'm there also." I pray you will receive comfort and peace throughout tonight and that tomorrow greets you with promises of great joy in the midst of it all. I wish you a very restful night for you and your child.

Thank you Mom of a winner having ups and downs but I am doing all I