Tonic: a new iPhone app for self care

Rajiv Mehta, a brilliant guy from the Bay Area that has led some extremely interesting Health 2.0 initiatives in the past just made me aware of his most recent effort: Tonic. He asked me to please share this with information with the community.

Tonic is a new iPhone app to help you remember and keep track of everything in you health regimen, to make it easier for you to take care of yourself. Tonic starts with a blank slate, ready to support you in carrying out your personal health practice. Tonic doesn’t prescribe, but instead helps you to do better whatever you are already doing. You set the agenda, while Tonic helps you remember, track and organize.

People with a wide range of health situations, including some with serious chronic conditions (cancer, cystic fibrosis, parkinson’s disease, etc.), have found Tonic very helpful.

We would love to hear from the TuDiabetes community, from people managing diabetes. How does it work for you? How could we make it even better?

Tonic website:
Available for $4.99 at the App Store

Get it free: The first FIVE (5) people who email ( can get Tonic for free — be sure to mention TuDiabetes in your message.

I’m going to go check this out right now!

I fell in love with an iphone ap called “LEAPFROG”. it keeps track of my numbers and allows me to download to my endo in a neat log. It graphs, as well. Best part of all, it will alert me 2 hrs after my meal to remind me to check bg. I LOVE Love Love leapfrog. I think it was about $2. :slight_smile: Check it out!

Indeed, I'm with flyboy101 -- especially since, based on the information above, it almost sounds like the developer is charging users for a beta version of the application. There has to be a huge, overwhelming reason for me to spend any money on a smartphone (iPod/iPhone, Android, etc.) application -- basically, it has to be the only application in its class (Documents on Demand), or it has to be the fully-featured mobile version of a mission-critical application on my regular computer (Documents on Demand comes close; Photoshop Express -- which is free -- doesn't).

I’m using, FREE for iPhone, Android, WP7 … and web support!

Wow - hadn’t heard of this one - thanks, Manny!