Tonight, as I write...I'm thinking of all the members here

Tonight, as I write…I’m thinking of all the members here on the site. Thinking of all the experiences each one of us has gone thru. How people who are doing researches can learn from our writings how diabetes effects us and hoping that our words will encourage them to race for a cure. Not only that but when we do discussions or blogs about what our meds do for us and what it is that day or weeks at hand how we feel in our body or other stuff we had been doing…we are actually showing our experiences along with our meds.

They can better understand our meds and probly can add or subtract an ingredient to a formula to better the meds or to find a cure. So tonight, I applaud all those who blog or add discussions because we will one day help to find a cure and it was all because of our writings of our experience. We, all together, is one huge voice for our ailment to be cured.

I strongly believe in this, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I know you all feel the same as well. Everyday is a struggle, maybe at the end of the day or the beginning we come on this site with the energy we have because this is family. With family, we care and love.

I know I come on here to check on the members and if one is in need I’ll message and hope for the best. I like to know that my strenght and my inner light comes from my family here on Tudiabetes. I hope many of you all feel the same. Manny, and his wife are two beautiful souls that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Look around the site and thank a person for being there for you, or welcome someone new. Simply say Hi to a friend. Drop a line to Manny and his wife, tell them thanks. Spread your warmness today.

I’m very humbled tonight, alot of thanks and appreciation to this site…also for the episodes happening in my life. I’m dealing with alot, like many of us here. Finding out my brother in law has a year to live. Putting funds together to help him pay for his bills and put food on the table till his SSD and food stamps kick in. My mother, she hasn’t been receiving her SSD for almost a year now so my husband and I are funding her as well. My youngest daughter moved back home, and because there is a two parent income in the home she doesn’t quailfy for her SSI anymore. Meaning no medicaid, and one of her meds are $112 per month. My health insurance might expired Dec. 1st., and because of this, I’m rushing to do all exams and other procedures I was supposed to have done.

But coming on this site, saves my sanity. I can release my feelings inside which I’m a writer by heart. I’m tired most of the time, but when on this site it gives me the motive to carry on. Should I say over 11,000 reasons why? No matter whats going on in your life, blog…discuss it. We are all human, take care of yourself.

Should you leave for a while, we will still be here. We are all in this together, just like a family who cares. Write today, your participation in this site is most appreciative.

Humbled, tonight as I write. All of you makes a difference, don’t give up. We are here for support and friends. So smile knowing that one day a cure will be here, and knowing that you participated made a difference.

All the love and light from me to you, Patti

Thank you for posting this. Your writing shows you are going through many struggles, but it also shows your strength. Absolutely wonderful. Keep your faith in you and those around you.

Wow! You’re words are just so beautiful in describing how many of us feel with struggling with diabetes. You speech for many of us out there that aren’t good with expressing themselves. I just came back from a 5 day diabetic conference in Montreal - where I worked as a volunteer - and even though it was meant for the medical folks - I got most of what they were saying (I demanded they talk to me in normal words - and they did). It made me feel good, knowing that much is being done to help make our lives better, and fight this disease that sometimes people can’t treat due to inability to pay for drugs, food, etc. It was just all very eye opening for me, along with Tudiabetes, we are so blessed!!!
Take care - and sending you back a flood of light (put on your sunglasses) and love!!! :slight_smile:

mwah x x x

Patti, I’m so sorry for all the troubles you and ur family are going thru right now. Just remember YOU are a strong soul and probably the glue that holds them all together. You are in my prayers. KIT. I’m hoping ur granddaughter will be OK.
Lots of love from PA.