Too lazy to correct a low

Are you ever just too lazy to correct a low?

My meter told me my blood sugar was 47 a while ago. Probably a long while now, as I just got interrupted by someone at work. Anyway, though it said 47, I wasn’t shaky/sweaty/unable-to-function. I find this is often the case lately, as long as I don’t drop quickly.

My CGM was around 70, got as low as 68, and is now at 73. I ate my afternoon snack, which was only 11 carbs and 5 of those were fiber. I didn’t feel like pulling out the glucose tabs, which actually, I left in my car.

I should really start taking low blood sugars more seriously… but I’m lazy and it’s really hard to care when I feel fine and don’t drop any further according to my CGM.

Got interrupted again (20 minutes or so). Now CGM is at 78. Yay?

No! Not yay! You should always correct a low. I know for me that one of my symptoms of low blood sugar is being lazy and/or not wanting to get up and find something to correct it. But by not correcting a low, you could eventually end up with hypoglycemic unawareness, which is what people try to avoid. Don’t forget that the CGM needs to be calibrated once in a while with a meter.

Sorry to sound like “do this, do that”, but I’ve read too many scary stories on hear and heard them from my diabetic friends about not being able to tell when they have a low blood sugar and having bad things happen.

Jacyln-- this is NOT OK! You should correct it immediately, BUT I have to admit, when I read your post I was reminded of myself. My husband gets really frustrated when I measure figure that I am low, but try to do “a few more things” before treating the low. I know that he’s right, but…

I can still relate to what you wrote!! Now I try to see the low, set down the meter and head straight for the juice or glucose tabs!

Haha, I was being a bit facetious with my Yay, but oh well.

I eventually had to correct as it was still on the low side when I wanted to leave the office, so I had to get it up before driving!

Lindsay–I always calibrate my CGM whenever possible, it just often doesn’t go as low as I am (or as high). And calibrating when I’m too low will send it off later when I return to normal. Plus I’m not much past a day into this sensor, it’s usually at its best from day 2.5 to 6. I’ve come to discover that often when the CGM is 70, I’m low. Similarly, if it’s at 160, I’m typically higher.

Anyway, defending my CGM aside, I guess I didn’t mean to come across oblivious. But more so that I know I should correct it fast, but lately struggle with motivation to do so when I feel completely fine. But yeah. I need to make myself better at that bit, big time! :slight_smile:

Glad you can relate, Kristin! Those lows, ah, so inconvenient! (Even when I’m doing nothing and surfing the internet at work! Haha!)