Too Low to Know

When I finally awoke from my dream-like state, my blood sugar was 25. I was battling Hitler. He wouldn’t let me get to my blood glucose tablets. Okay, so obviously that didn’t happen. It seemed quite real to me though… until I snapped back into reality. I was just wondering if anyone else has issues like this when in a “low” state.

I have woken up when I have been low and part of my is telling me to get up and check and part of my brain is telling me you are fine, just go back to sleep. I have to consciously fight to make myself get up, sometimes if I know for a fact I am low I just grab my juice box and suck it down without checking. The brain can play weird tricks on you when low.

So true

I am usually stuck in a bad dream that I have a difficult time getting out of, and when I finally realize what is happening and finally wake myself up always feel as if I am ill.

When you are wide awake during the day what is your first clue that you are getting to that point?

For me anymore I can’t feel it until I get low 40’s but I usually get shakey and feel like I got hit by a semi I am so tired and my body hurts.

Yes, it definitely feels like a dream you cant seem to get of, like you sort of know what is going on but its altered. My first clue is that things do not seem to make sense in my mind anymore. When things become hazy, then I know that something is wrong. Another clue is when I get angry for no reason. I am just so mad and can’t really explain why… For the most part, that indicates low or high blood sugar for me.

The getting mad and/or irritated at the drop of a hat is very frustrating, even though you don’t really mean it, it just comes out like a shot! When I begin to smooth out I really cant believe how harsh I was (that part really sucks).

A couple of last bad lows it was hard to tell what was real and what was not… i had too really concentrate to what was going on and say to myself DUDE you are low get some sugar into ya… and the coming out is a long process… after 27 years this is all new to me again… hypo unawareness really sucks…