Tooting my own horn

Howdy all,

I just wanted to share the experience of a new diabetic and all that I have learned from other diabetics on this and other forums.

Possibly to add a little light at the end of the tunnel for other new diabetics.

I self diagnosed with a home test 9/2/2010 and changed lifestyle immediatly.

I was diagnosed by Dr 9/27/2010 with an A1C of 11.5 BG was at 395. (I was feeling pretty bad physically and mentally)

I wieghed 318 at the time, now down to 278.

I will be going to Dr appt next week and will post my newest A1c then.

My diet choice has been Very low carb / low fat less than 100g carbs a day, less than 1800cal a day.

Excercise = 45min cycle 2X a day, 300 stomach crunches, 50 bench presses, 50 chest fly's, walk 5+ miles.

AVG burned cals a day in excess of 3000 avg cal deficet 1500+ (per bodybugg)

Vitamins AM = 2kmg cinnamon, 200mg milk thistle, 250mg B1, 50mg B6, 1kmg Biotin, 300mg magnesium,250mg Gensing,200mcg chromium,1kmg apple cider viniger,100mg lipoic acid, one baby asperin.

Vitamins PM = 2kmg cinnamon, 200mg milk thistle,1mg apple cider viniger, one odorless garlic, one fish oil, two aloe vera, one tumeric, one fenugreek,one gymena sylvestra.

Im not convinced many of these have any effect but they don't hurt. taken with food, or you might get naucious.

And here's my equipment I use. ContourUSB meter with Glucofacts Deluxe software.

Results to date without any meds at all.

I hope this helps other Newbies.

Congratulations!!! Impressive chart, shows how quickly dramatic changes can be achieved by matching carb intake to what your body can handle.

Wow, great work. :)))

I really wanted to share my experience with other new diabetics as my Dr just said "Oh your diabetic, heres a perscription for test strips now loose some wieght"
As if I had a head ache and he gave me some asperin.
I learned EVERYTHING from this and a couple of other forums.
How to test, what meter to use, how often and when to test.
The importance of excercise and following a low carb low fat high fiber diet.
I work at a hospital and know first hand how calous medical folks can be and how they sometimes forget we are uninformed what they just said means to us and how scared we might be.
And DE’s are WAY out of touch, blindly regurgitating doctrine from 100yrs ago.
Their mantra is “you must eat carbs”

At least for me there was no debate as to if a low carb diet and excercise going to work or not.
I am also convinced more frequent testing translates to better control, if you test high prior to lunch are you going to eat carbs or the salad?
2hrs after having that pizza and you see a 100pt jump are you going to do that again?
Probably not, so why do I see so often people relying on their every three month A1C to control their levels?
New guys even if your Dr says test once a day, it’s your health not his, testing isn’t going to hurt you but not testing can cost you a great deal.
Yep it’s expensive but how much does a potential limb cost these days?

Hi Fatman ( or not so Fatman by this time) You have done and continue to do a terrific job getting your D under control. I might just suggest adding to your supplement regimen , Vitamin D3. We diabetics have been found to be deficient in this vitamin. My doc just upped me to 2000iu a day. The general population is also deficient in Vitamin D. It seems to be the new " miracle" supplement of the year, but with just cause. Keep up the good work and let us know how you are doing.

Just remember to do it one day at a time… To make doable changes, that you know you’ll be able to stick to for the long term… and to be flexible and kind with yourself. We will never be perfect 100% of the time, for 30+ more years or however longer we’re alive… BUT, when we’re not perfect… We can be kind to ourselves, forgiving with ourselves, and willing to overlook the flaw, and move on to tomorrow.

OK Lab result came back with an A1C of 6.7
Which I’m happy with at just two months down from 11.5.

Good JOB!!!

Just an update, showing I am staying on track.
Thanks to the great community here and the support it provides.
I hope other new diabetics find similar results.

Great work!

Just wondering why the Dr didn’t put you on any meds? or did you refuse them? A1C of 11 is very high as is a fasting of 395.

What are your fasting numbers like now? Congrats on the new A1C.

Excellent – great job!!

I asked the Dr to allow me to try to control it with diet and excercise first.
I know some day I will likely need meds but want to postpone that day as long as possible.
As for my fasting numbers they have lately been between 95-105, I have a bit of mid morning increase up to around 115 then by noon back below 100 usually.

Again I understand everyone is different and maybe cannot tolerate a low carb low fat diet but I wanted to show what a new diabetic can accomplish with the info found here and from this community.
Perhaps provide some encouragement.

The charting software has turned out to be one of my best tools it helps me figure out what food i can and cannot eat.

WOW, you are doing great. I hope you continue to do as well. It is impressive to me that you have done this on your own…with little help from the medical community. Good for you, but don’t leave them out. They can, if finding the best ones for you, a valuable resource. But at any rate, good for you!

What is considered low carb? 20, 50, 100?

Perhaps it would be best to point out I work at a hospital, and literally see my Dr dailey.
Not that we speak about my condition but I am surrounded by medical professionals.

As for my deffinition of low carb I consider anything under 100 a day a win.

Breakfast is usually 5-10 carbs
AM workout 1/2hr cycle 300-400 tummy crunches. (Gotta fight the buddha belly)

followed by two cups coffee with half/half est 2g carbs
Lunch is my big meal a grilled chicken salad is my favorite with no dressing I use salsa instead I estimate it to be around 20g carbs.
Promptly followed by a 2mile brisk walk, usually gets me break even or lower reading at 2hrs after lunch.

Dinner I like to make either a salad with a little protein cheese/shrimp or a shiritaki noodle and veggie/shrimp or chicken soup also with a little protein.
Approx 20g of carbs or less.

Evening excercise 1/2hr cycle, 300-400 tummy crunch, resistance workout,

Snack before bed some pork rinds and salsa, or a little cottage cheese, less than 5g

Of course if I eat bigger portions this scews it a bit.

That is really awesome…Im very impressed. I need to get off my lazy A$$ and get some exercise…being unemployed and depressed killed my motivation…now Im working 60 hours a week and eating like crap…