Its 2:13am and I cant sleep with a perfect number 105. I am amazed that Maddison went to bed at 105, and has been within one point either way the last 3hours. But of course, going to bed at 105 makes you wonder. This is where I am trapped. I feel I need to check every hour to see where we are going. Being new to the pump and still adjusting basals, a number anywhere near low 100’s for sleeping time is a bit stressful. So, I have been up laughing and crying as I read others blogs about their successes and struggles with "D."
I am glad you are all here, to understand why a 105 means so many things late at night. This leaves me wondering, how long did it really take you to feel confident in your nightime basals? I see a serious addiction to double shot expresso’s just around the corner. LOL


Your post reminded me of the day they sent me home from the hospital with my second son. He had stopped breathing twice in the hospital. One time it took many tries to get him breathing again - finally undressed and upside down he breathed. So hours before leaving I’m asking for a breathing machine or something… anything… how am I going to take this baby home without staying up all night watching him through the night to make sure he’s breathing the whole time? The nurse said oh he’ll be fine! Sometimes newborns just do this. My husband wasn’t concerned. I felt like I was so alone in my concern - like I was in the Twilight Zone! I thought I’d never sleep again.

I don’t know how you moms with small children with diabetes do it. I know you can get some sleep, but the interrupted sleep with checking on your kids is so difficult. I’m not in the trenches with you, but now having a son with diabetes who is older… my heart just goes out to you all. {{{hugs}}}


That was us last night. 111 at midnight, I think. Time becomes a blur. I gave Charlie a bit of juice while he slept, hoping to give him just a slight boost. I wish we could just let him be, but how could we at 111. At 1:30 he was 196. Again, could have been 2 am. 2:30? All a blur. Anyway, we overdid it with the juice. We corrected and he was 85 at 7 am, a little lower than we’d like. Back to the drawing board. Correction is too much. Thank God for the pump though, making it easy to correct the 196.

I can relate all too well. We fall into trouble when he’s a perfect number overnight. Either we treat with juice and he wakes up perfect, we treat with juice and we end up correcting or we leave him be - getting up every hour with him through the night. None of the choices are ideal because we’re still forced to wake up in the middle of the night to see if we made the right call.


I am having the hardest time getting night time basal set up. I am to the point where I am almost ready to give up and just continue getting up at night to correct the 3am readings.
I tried following the advise of making sure before bed readings are “good”, then waking up every two hours (even hours) to test, repeat the same process next night (on odd hours) to get her trend. It sounds like a good idea, but there was NO pattern.
One night my daughter kept going down, the next she was going up. I kept trying it again and again, and it’s different every night.
Last night she was 114 at midnight, and I couldn’t sleep because I was worried she would bottom out. So, I over reacted and gave her a small snack, “just to make sure”… She was 290 at 3am, even with a bolus to cover the snack.
I SO NEED the CGMS! sigh…


I cant believe we stayed at 105-100 until 5am! Checked her at 8am as she slept and she was 179. But of course, if I act on changing basal for that 179 tomorrow may be different!-Sigh- I tell people us moms spend our days chasing numbers. I’m glad you guys understand, I was thinking I dont know what the heck I am doing some days.


I’ve been at this for 2 years and I still don’t have the consistency in Griffin’s overnight numbers to sleep soundly at night. As he’s getting bigger it is getting better, but at least once a week we end up with an unexpected low overnight.

As a general rule, if he is at 160-200 at 10pm, he’s good for overnight, but not always…I don’t think that he’s ever had 3 consistent nights in a row. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have set up a temporary basal on his pump called “low at night” that reduces his basal by 50% for 2 hours. If he’s borderline, we give him the temp basal and recheck him at midnight. If he’s good at 3am, he’s always good for the rest of the night, it’s just so variable between 10pm and 3am!

As for caffeine. I started drinking coffee for the first time at age 41 this year. :smiley:

(((hugs))) from another sleep deprived mom!


We checked Riley’s sugars 4 times last night (and we’ve been doing that for 21 months now) Riley’s overnight basals have always been the hardest to keep straight. And, if he goes through a growth spurt, it’s the middle of the night numbers that go through the roof. Not only do I not want him too low, but I’m not willing to let him run high all night.

When we do seem to get his basals right at night (very rare), we usually still test twice in the middle of the night. I really don’t know how I function some days. I guess my body has gotten used to it.

Last night, we tested at 12:30, he was 180. At 2:30, 219, he got a small correction. At 4:30, 136. 136 sounds great, but Riley tends to drop the most between 4-8, so we tested again at 6:00, he was 135. At 8:30 this morning, he was 102.

That was actually one of the better nights. The night before, he didn’t go under 225 all night long. We kept correcting. Then, of course, when you correct, it’s even harder to sleep because you think he’s going to go too low.

I just adjusted his basals a couple of days ago. I’m hoping that last night’s sugars will be the norm for a while, but who knows?

Just know when you’re up at 2:30 AM that many of us are up right along with you.


We’ve been on the pump since January and we have the same problem. When he was on MDI unless he was really high we didn’t do anything because of the guilt of the injection. But now we give a correction for highs which means we need to check again in 2 hours. On the other side we also wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving him at 105. It is so frustrating and we just can’t seem to get it straightened out. Right now I have been so exhausted because I’m pregnant so my hubbie has been doing the checks. He’s most likely going to have to keep doing them because we are going to have a newborn soon (hopefully…I’m already a day late).