First, let me premise this braggadocio, this has never happened before. Never.

I wake up, coffee, calibrate my G4, and download. I look at the Daily Stats and I have 100% in target. Average 103, low 80, high 124, and a standard deviation of 12.

I thought it would be fun, for a change, to post great control days in a discussion.

So if you have a great (or really good day - close counts) post your success here.


PS no BS - proof attached

[1884-GreatDay.doc|attachment](upload://3ga7gi1O4j2TjQGkQJgW36YOdaT.doc) (47 KB)

Congrats on your great day! It is gratifying to see the hard work pay off. We have vastly different targets but attached is my 100% day. 65 for the low, 137 for the high and 99 for the average and SD of 19.

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Congrats, JD! Yesterday was a great day for me, as well! I had an appt. with my endo. who told me all my numbers were right on, and my control was excellent! AND I HAD LOST 15 Lbs since my last appt (which was January)(A good measure even though weight loss has never been a goal for me).

you guys are awesome! How do you calculate SD?

Dexcom software calculates it for you. But SD is a measure of how far/often you "deviate" from your target number. So the higher the number the more variable your blood sugars have been.
Most glucometers come with some kind of software that will do this calculation for you. In the book Think Like a Pancreas, Gary Sheiner (sp) recommends you should do your best to reduce the SD to 30%.But as a general rule, the lower the SD the better your control.

I don't. The DexCom software does it for me. I put an attachment on my original post. It is the math for the day I'm talking about.


thanks for the info.

Wow, congratulations!!! I was just thinking of that- having a white line day challenge. It's not as easy for me. I have to say there are many times that I go red or blue, but am getting better each day.

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Congrats, I'm on my first Day...hope I learn to do as well.

Congratulations! I had a pretty good day yesterday -- never went over 200, but haven't downloaded it, so I don't know the SD. But I have to admit that it takes a lot of work to do that, and a lot of care as to what I eat and what I don't eat, and I'm not all that self-disciplined much of the time! :-)

This is what I get for bragging. Fell of the 100% boat the very next day. 71% in target. I had 29% in low, with a low of 52 (ooops). My avg was 91 with a high of 129. My SD was on 17.

I hate the lows because they can start a roller coaster. Correction with carbs, and then BG rockets out of proportion to the carbs.

I rate it a so so day.

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I couldnt agree more, JD. whenever I go less than 60 it starts an awful rollercoaster ride. If I go less than 50 I know my next read will be over 300 (I guess I tend to over correct) I know the highs are (long term)more harmful but the lows (especially in the 30's, 40's and 50's) are just so uncomfortable in the near term that I just want to erradicate them!

I had a day like that. In the 150+s and can’t get it to budge. It is as though the insulin does not work some days.

JD - Great job, not so easy to do.

You might be interested in checking out the flatliners group.

I find my body will not accept insulin if dehydrated, even just a little. other things that have caused me insulin resistance re melatonin, lack of sleep.

Suggest increase water.