2000 +

I reached the 2000+ mark last week. I am very happy that I reached this mark for many reasons. First I had quadruple bypass surgery in Dec of 2009, the second reason is that I have type 1 and I am 52 of age and thirdly I live in Cleveland Ohio. You known that Cleveland has the word leve which is short for leave in it. Why the word leave in it? The weather!!! and Lebron!!!

Congratulations on your accomplishments! Diabetes is not a death sentence and now that your heart is fixed, if you keep up the good exercise of cycling you will do well. You are still young and have alot of living to do so get out there and do it!
Laura in NC

Yeah, you should head to Miami. :wink:

Keep spinning! I’m 51 and I’m still planning harder and harder rides. You have it in you!

Great group to be in! Congrats on your cycling mileage. I’m 56 and T1 and I usually cycle about 1800-2000 miles, not much for a lot of cyclists achievements but I’m proud of it. My big problem is keeping my BG up during the ride. I’ve been a T1 now for 46 years and my endo says I’m very brittle and that’s why I have trouble keeping stable BG’s while exercising despite a CGMS, pump, and varying temp basals. Great accomplishment, John! Also, sorry about LeBron leaving; that’s sad! I live in Memphis and we’ve had trouble with professional sports teams here but nothing that compares with Lebron leaving.

Hi Keith, not to get off the cycling bit but I think LeBron was like “crack” for Cleveland. We never thought we could live without him but I think we’ll find ourselves in a much better place now that he’s gone. Just my two cents.

Well John, better late than never right??? I broke 2000 miles with my lap and a half at West Branch. I may take these wicked talents to South Beach! lol! Camp Manatoc MTB race next weekend! :slight_smile:

great job. It is a lot harder to reach 2000 with a mountain bike than a rode bike!!