I have been called from the school. It was the nurse. She said that Ali is low, 39. The bad news was not his being low, but not showing any symptoms of hypoglisemia. He was not tired, not nervous,not sweating…everything seemed so normal to his teachers and even to himself.

Nowadays he is getting out of his honeymoon period, I guess. The general shots we give to him are not enough anymore eventhough he eats the same amount of carb. So we recently have increased the shots’ unit. For a week, his glucose levels seem ok to this new arrangement. But I don’t know what has happened today.

He ate the same carb, the parameter of movement was same or almost same as yesterday, the shots were same. But he is 39.

Maybe this is diabetes. Not able to control everything.

Yes, it is frustrating and yes, it does happen. I’m glad that they caught it.

Another thing to remember is that meters are less accurate in the high and low range. So I usually interpret anything below 70 as low, but don’t change too much based on how low (but a 39 would scare me too!). It’s just a reminder that there could be up to 20% inaccuracy. If he was actually 60, that could be inaccurately measured as 39.

Also, if I ever get a reading that does not match how I feel, I check again. Sometimes there are flukes, like getting a drop of water mixed in with the blood that produces a false low or too small of a drop of blood (most meters will report an error then and not a false low). Still the best thing to do it to treat the low immediately, but if things don’t seem right it would be good to check again afterwards.

Coming out of the honeymoon period is another adjustment that you and Ali have to go through. I know that it is not easy!

Thanks Kristin :slight_smile: