I am 32 as of yesterday! The day was great and my sugar was great. I cheated a little but it was worth it. I enjoyed my day with my wonderful family and today I finally did it. I ordered my first insulin pump. I am excited and scared at the same time. I am just tired of the 4 shots.

Congratulations! I am just starting the Omnipod too…started with saline today and will start insulin next week. I was surprised the insertion didn’t hurt at all!

Jennifer, happy belated birthday!! Congratulations on ordering your pump. I absolutely love, love, love my pump. I was also taking 4 to 5 shots daily before pumping. I think everyone goes through the same feelings once you go on the pump but in no time you will be used to having it on that it just becomes a part of you. Eileen

Happy birthday Jennifer, and congrats on the pump! It’s been truly life changing for me. Which pump are you getting?

I am getting the omnipod and the dex 7 cgm!