So ! i am so excited to report my blood sugar this morning was 106! (see photo) iam so thrilled! its usually 200+ in the mornings. YESSS. ive been doing my shots like im suppose to!
6612-107.jpg (84.6 KB)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Doesn’t it feel awesome when you get a reading like that?! Good Job!

That’s FABULOUS!! A big congrats to you!

I love the smell of a good reading in the morning. It has the smell of victory!!

Great job! Keep up the good work!

So, what do you think it was? Did you do something different yesterday or last night? Whatever it was, keep it up!


Congrats !!! Jen, that is awesome when finally you get a “normal” BS reading. Think back to last night and what you might have done or eaten differently to give you the 107.

Congrats Jen!!!

Good work, Jen!

Hoping for many more great readings for you.

i was sooo shocked and happy! and i felt good!


yeah, i did all 4 shots. lol. just that simple!

all i did was do all 4 shots like im suppose to

thanks thanks!!

thanks, me too!

You can do it!

Great!! I am glad that you are doing so much better, and feeling better too!

Way to go, great work, big pat on the back and anything else I can say to support you. I am so glad to here you’re doing it!!!
And my last offering
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>HUG<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<br /> that’s from a Daddy and Grandpa!!!

Great reading and it said 106, lol, but keep it up and it will get better :slight_smile:

Way to go! Give yourself credit for getting things back under control!


i know, lol i saw that after i posted it