Tough Care, the book

The author of this book, Bernard Mooney, just contacted me with information about it. I haven't read it yet. It looks like a tough read, and potentially very rich and powerful. Has anyone else read it? Anyone want to read it and post their thoughts? Here's the synopsis:

In Tough Care, Bernard Mooney tells readers how Type 2 Diabetes was the root of the problems that terminated early on the energetic and productive life of his wife Celia. Causing the neuropathy that paralyzed her, it slowly and insidiously damaged the small blood vessels in her brain, which eventually led to a series of transient ischemic attacks and strokes.

You have probably heard of ‘tough love’. If you are a parent you may have practiced it in one form or another. You may have had it practiced upon you as a child or teenager.

Beginning in early 2007 I became engaged in something similar that I called ‘tough care’. The ‘tough’ in ‘tough care’ did not describe toughness on the part of the caregiver, but rather the tough circumstances under which the caregiver had to continue to care (in every sense of that word) for a loved one.

“The damaged blood vessels in her brain also generated the dementia that was probably the hardest thing for both of us to handle,” says Mooney.

In his frank and deeply moving memoir, after describing in detail the physical, mental, and emotional challenges he encountered when caring for a dying spouse, he summarizes the lessons he learned, which he hopes will benefit many baby boomers now, or in the future.

“I share these lessons because I believe it is certain that life is too short to learn through your own experiences alone,” he says.


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