Tough old lady post continued

Sorry I was afraid I would lose my post.

It my stress test is fine I will be able to stop the baby aspirin, fish oil and although he didn’t mention it, the supplement I take which is a blood thinner 5 days before the colonoscopy.If the stress test results are poor then I can’t go off the blood thinners and everything else becomes more complicated.

So yesterday afternoon I go to see my GP. He thinks that there is a very real possibility that I have colon cancer. I really like my GP. He is an out of the box thinker like I am and he really respects my opinion. He is very concerned about the falling blood cell levels.

He called me at home last night and said that he had missed that my sodium levels are really low. I usually check those levels too because they have been low before, but had failed to notice them. He said to immediately start drinking salted water. I do have more energy this morning. No telling what it is doing to my blood pressure.

Somewhere deep down I find this all fairly humorous. In the past actually 9 yrs we have had 5 bouts of cancer, 2 really awful ones, kidney stones, stents, and I had 5 yrs of chronic fatigue. We just want to celebrate our 50th next year. We have survived well and have beaten everything, but being almost 70 maybe our time is running out.
I had almost no complications from my diabetes until I hit the 50 yr mark 10 yrs ago. Then just the two heart stents. We have indeed been very, very fortunate.


I have chronic borderline hyponatremia. Marching orders from my doctor are consume lots of salt and reduce fluid intake. So far that’s kept me at or just slightly above or slightly below the lower control limit. I do check my blood pressure from time to time between doctor appointments. So far no issues.

Sure hope you figure all this out and successfully continue your winning streak. Best of luck!


Payton, thanks for that info. Since I am on blood pressure meds now that I am on a plant based diet, I am conscious about consuming salt. Seems like a good balance is hard to find. I certainly feel better eating more salt.

We do need some salt and if you make everything by hand and don’t add it, then you are getting very little, especially in the hotter summer months. I eat some prepared foods off and on like Amy’s frozen dinners that are vegan so they have added salt. I also have a tendency to salt potatoes or avocados when I eat them or spritz some veggies with Braggs Aminos. But you might try getting some Himalayan Sea Salt or at least a pink salt? It has a bigger range of minerals and more potassium. With a higher salt intake usually comes a need for more potassium to balance the salt.

I know we have to acknowledge we are older and things just don’t resolve as nicely as easily, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have another 10 or 20 years ahead either!

I normally use Wright Salt on almost everything and have for several years. I like salt. This is a combo of iodine,potassium,magnesium,copper, zinc and of course sodium.

Now, I dragged out my old Himalayan Sea Salt which I used for years. I am pouring it into water. Since I eat very little fat, prepared foods are really out of the question. I do eat a few salted low fat rice crackers almost daily. Maybe 5 small crackers.

I would really like to travel with Steve in my 70’s. We shall see.

Good progress, Marilyn. Seems like you are hot on the trail of whatever is going awry. Keep us updated. Happy anniversary!