Tough to Get Going

Tough to Get Going

Wow, it is like minus something degrees Fahrenheit wind chill outside. We have 2 inches of new snow and maybe worst of all, my favorite TV channel is showing ‘Sex and the City’ part 1. It is not enough that they tortured me with ‘Sex in the City’ part 1 they made an even worse part 2. As I look at that terrible movie I flashback to that awful afternoon when I was the only man in a crowd of 300 women jammed in a movie theater watching this awful movie.

Wait, wait, wait, I went with my wife who wanted to see the movie. She had dutifully gone to a few she disliked with me so it was sort like payback. Wow talk about an uncomfortable afternoon. I was sweating like a pig at a hog roast, and someone was calling next. The popcorn did not even taste good. Oh yeah I love popcorn and to prove it I liked the popcorn at ‘Moonraker’ and ‘Wild Hogs’, two of the worst movies ever made. I think this ‘Sex in the City’ thing may have been payback for ‘Wild Hogs’, if it was I would say I would got the worst of it by about 200 fold. At least so far there have been no old men on motorcycle lost on a trip sequel. But 2014 is young and if Hollywood made money it is sure to come back around.

Anyway, as I sit here wasting time, time I need to get myself ready to venture into the cold or to study an agenda for a meeting I signed up for, I am reminded about diabetes. The world looks pretty bad today. Any day ‘Sex In the City’ part 1 is on is TV a bad day. But as I stall writing my blog how many times do we stall or fail to get going as Diabetics. Take me for instance, I did not want a pump, I liked multiple daily injections I was happy with out of control blood sugars I was fine with 7 to 10 injections a day. So it was surprising but it was the littlest thing, the least of all really, that changed my mind. See my wife had been after me for years, get on a pump, improve your control, stop all the injections, but really why would I ever do that?

It meant more management, more concern, more material, more initiative on my part. It was not something I wanted or needed. I was as you might say absolutely agonist it. I counted myself, ‘old school’ not enamored by the newfangled pumps that had been on the market for 15 years. Heck I was so old school, when they had old school parties I sat in the class of these guys were not even invited because we did not know they existed.

Then I visited a group of high school kids that were diabetics. I was supposed to give them inspiration. I was supposed to show them that a person could be a diabetic and have a career and happiness and a life etc. I failed. Sitting in that room I was embarrassed. I was still doing Multiple Daily Injections and these kids did not even own syringes. If something went wrong they would endure high blood sugars or go buy some syringes. Wow, I offered that if they needed some they could call me. They looked like, listen old schooler, we got this. I was embarrassed. Of the seven diabetics in the rom one was not wearing a pump. One claimed to have never used a syringe, a claim I doubt. Five said they did not possess a syringe at home. I was like, oh my goodness, how did this happen? How did I get so far out of step that I was not even in line?

Well I left the little after school party, incidentally I was never invited back, and I called my doctor immediately. I got the next appointment and I told him I wanted a pump. It took a while but in about six weeks I had qualified to join the new age of diabetes care. A 43 year old self-professed ‘old schooler’ joined the current age. Yes, it never would have happened, had my wife not been insistent that I ‘look into it’ for several years. But it was the High school kids who were the tipping point. It was them who shunned me into a better way of taking care of myself.

Is there a lesson? I think two. First, old school may be fine, but at least stay current with what else is out there. My problem was I was way out of touch with technology. I had lost sight of new practices. I was not making the decision to stay ‘old school’ I was making the decision to not make a decision. When you do that you remain mired in the past. We as diabetics need to asses new technology and use what is best. But the first step in that process is to assess it. We have a responsibility to do to take the first step.

The second lesson? Please if you are a man and have not seen it so not see ‘Sex in the City’ Part 1 or even the worse part 2. Don’t do it. You know that molar you need pulled, go do that instead.



Ah c'mon Rick was it really that bad ? I mean I liked the TV show was the movie insufferable I didn't see it. I'm pretty sure Jordan wouldn't go with me anyway. As to the stuck in the last decade neigh century with regard to what's new and exciting in D care, I'm glad those teenagers and Sheryl shamed you in to taking better care of yourself.

Yes Clare, it is that bad, maybe even worse. Part 2 is rumored to have men jumping off buildings in order to reprove their masculinity after seeing it.

Yes. Thank you, Rick, as usual...Everybody on that show is adorable to what end? Very disturbing and regressive in the narcissism and more.

I only do "old school", though, in some ways. No apps, etc. Fact is, I am incredibly inept in certain areas and don't really care. I write in great notebooks I have to special order, still, with a #1 pencil that I also have to special order.

BUT. I also follow developments and support those for whom these things help with D control. They just happen to be waay beyond anything I can do or care about. My pre-paid cell phone lives in a drawer except when I am out and about. BUT. I love getting phone photos of my grandson playing soccer!.....Blessings on all approaches to being in the "modern" world.....

Indeed Judith. I would never say a person need adopt a new practice. My issue was I didn't keep up with what was possible. I simply ignored it and did what I wanted. Had I kept up I could have made a positive decision, yes this is good for me or no it is not. Staying old school works lots of times and that is fine, so long as we know what is possible if we change.

Blessings Judith,, I did not know you have grand children. Wow talk about keeping up the times. Sheryl and I were in culture shock when our daughter in law made a point to say if we wanted to hold our new grandson we needed a pertussis vaccine. I think I beat Sheryl to it, but not by much. We had our proof of vaccine in case we were stopped at the boarder when we went to see that fine young man in the hospital. LOL