TP on the way. :)

“The brand that you normally want may not be available. But, hey, there’s some other kind of pasta. Or instead of rice, we’re going to have potatoes for dinner,” Stanton says.

This is seriously not good for people with food allergies or celiac disease. They can’t just switch to another brand or another type of food.


From what I’ve seen, people already used to paying more for specialty foods might be better off. Those were the only items left standing in the pasta and baking sections when I went to the grocery store. It seems that even in a hoarding panic, people draw the line at paying more than $5 a pound for pasta.


How did we go from TP availability to pasta concerns?

Those are the 2 most noticeable shortages. TP and pasta are like peanut butter and jelly. They obviously go together.

Are you really out of toilet paper, @Dave44 ?

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…because it’s mentioned in the article you posted to start the thread? The article is primarily about food, not toilet paper.

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This was consistent with my experience as well—it was easier to find gluten-free stuff (which my partner needs) in some ways when shopping at the end of last week.

“I think the major items of concern are more tied towards raw materials or packaging coming out of China that support the broader food chain,”

Gee, think we could get by with less packaging? Like only, I dunno, 2 layers of stuff between you and whatever the product is you’re trying to get at instead of 15? I’d be good with that.



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