Interesting lesson in trade-offs last weekend at Carowinds. We always have fun there, but taking a child with type 1 diabetes to an amusement park - with a water park - means you have to plan a little bit more.

It also means more supplies. In addition to the backup stuff I always bring, I threw extra insets, shots and insulin into another bag, along with a frio (sort of an ice pack). Gotta keep the insulin cool in this hot weather.

Not very practical to go on rides and schlep all that, along with Benny’s pump and meter, so I rented a locker. I hadn’t done that before at Carowinds and it was terrific. Very easy, well worth the rental fee and it was great to walk around carrying nothing but the key holder around my wrist.

Our problem is that Benny’s inset often comes out after a long time in the water

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