Trader Joe's Junkies - whats on your list?

Yes I am a Trader Joe's Junky.

Whether its the happy Hawaiian shirts the grocers wear, the constant bell ringing, or the infamous Two Buck Chuck…I keep coming back for more.

So let me ask, whats on your Trader Joe’s grocery list?

chocolate covered bananas, trail mix, olive oil, spinach pie, spinach n artichoke dip, almond butter, I always find fun stuff, my kids love looking for COCO the monkey

Blueberry flavored flax seed meal

Goes GREAT in plain yogurt!!

Have you seen this on youtube?

It is an unauthorized Trader Joe´s commercial…Or did you make it?

I love the fresh pre-washed veggies… and the cheeses are so reasonably priced. I need to do my groceries today, I will try the Blueberry flavored flax seed mea. Hummm

I love the dried strawberries, I can add them to more healthy choices of cereal for my son, and he loves it.

In the tea section I discovered the best of teas Trader Joe’s Brand: Jasmine Pearls and the Green tea with Cranberries, Hummm, and the price is very good too.

The list can go on, and on…

I’ve heard of it but know nothing of it???

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

There’s not too many yet out where you are, Lois. But don’t despair, they’re coming! Check the website and they’ll usually say when a new one is going up. Hope you get one soon, they’re FANTASTIC! :smiley:

The blueberry flaxseed meal is near the oatmeal (at least in the store in Detroit ;)…!)

The cornbread mix and the tomato & roasted pepper soup are awesome!! Oh, and Lois, they have one at Bayshore in Glendale.

I can’t wait to go find that blueberry flax seed, I’m going to go tomorrow! I love the freeze dried blueberries and strawberries. I also like the multiseed with soy sauce rice crackers and the wild salmon wheel stuffed with dill and cheese. And I usually pick up a bunch of whatever flowers are on sale as a pick me up!

I have heard a lot of good things about Trader Joe’s. Unfortuntely, I live in South Texas and healthy eating is not a priority. I don’t think we even have a store in Dallas, Houston or Austin (healthy living is a bigger thing in Austin, just a short drive away…strange). We have a small Whole Foods in San Antonio, but that’s about it. There is an awesome Whole Foods in Austin, about 65 miles away. Don’t think that I don’t get in my car and drive 65 miles to go to the grocery store!! Of course I do.

love trader joe’s…find something new everytime

kids love pirates booty!

I buy the moroccan mint green tea, cheese, all the veggies, hummus, stevia, olive oil,Toffuti Cuties!!

The raw Gruyere cheese. The Parmelat cheese. The store brand cheap brie which is as good as the very expensive stuff. The manchego cheese. Oh, I could go on and on. I drive 50 miles every week or two to go to a TJs just for the cheese.

The TJ’s dark truffle chocolate bar is actually made by Terra Nostra but is a lot less money then the brand name version and very kind to blood sugar.

The spinach artichoke dip pretty low in carbs and delicious.

They have some chocolate covered almonds with sea salt that are incredibly addictive which I’m not allowed to buy any more. Bad things happened the last two times I bought them. Really bad. But damn they’re good.

The mango black tea is wonderful. I’m not crazy about the rest of their tea.

If you like diet soda, the Hansens is the best.

The Indian packaged spinach paneer is excellent and low carb but very spicy.

The Red Mill flax ground seed mixed with protein powder some bran makes a great hot cereal that is low carb.

The meyer sweet lemons. (Probably gone until next year, as they are seasonal.)

The cheap avocados

I’m getting hungry just typing this . . .

I’ve never been inside of Trader Joe’s. I do love the waffer thing-a-mujigga bobbers. LOL my co worker use to bring them to work for me.

Is it wrong just to say ALL of it? lol

We too are Trader Joe’s junkies here. Not only is it more special in many respects: the prices are VERY reasonable!

Champagne Pear Vinigarette, Reduced Sugar 3 Nut Flake Cereal, Cooked Organic Brown Rice, Dried Green Beans snack, Mini Pretzel Bread Rolls, Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper soup, Chorizo & Egg Crustless Quiche, Bacon & Feta Crustless Quiche, 50% less salt nuts, Greek Style Yogurt, Asian Vegetables with Beijing Style SoySauce, Soy Ginger Carrots, heck, ALL the veggie blends, all the cheeses, the variety of types of wild salmon (my store carries, sockeye, coho, silver and white)!!! OMG… the list is endless

I’m going to have to bookmark this thread for the next time I’m at Trader Joe’s! I have one near me but don’t go much. My one thing I must get there is sprouted grain bread. 7g carb per slice! The slices are on the small side but perfectly fine for me.

The new Snapea Crisps are AWESOME. Lots of protein, a bit of fat to make you feel full, some fiber, and pretty easy on the carbs (almost 0 sugars). It does not seem to push my bg up much at all.

this is true.