Trader Joe's: Share Your Shopping List

If you shop @ Trader Joe’s, share your diabetes shopping list here.

blood oranges
puffins cereal
plain non fat or low fat greek yogurt
frozen chicken tenders
organic reduced sugar jams
lite cheddar cheese slices
cat cookies (about 2 carbs each)
unsweetened almond milk
garlic naan bread (a white bread that doesn’t cause me a spike)

Here is the link with the Trader Joe’s Junkies - whats on your list? discussion.

I used to shop at Trader Joe’s, but haven’t been able to since I had a stroke, was diagnosed with type 2, and moved to another state. Some of the items I’d still get if I could are frozen fish (several types) and unsweetened cranberry juice.

Note - the taste of unsweetened cranberry juice is too strong for many people.