Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Penne with Flax

I’m not that familiar with diabetic can and can’t eats, and don’t know the carb count, but if anyone can eat whole wheat pastas is the best one I have found. I sauteed garlic, peas, asparagus, peppers in some butter and tossed it with the penne, a little olive oil and parmesan. I am going to make the same with TJ’s quinoa blend next week.

It was very simple and very tasty. My wife even liked it.

Hope this helps if it fits within your diet.

Sounds yummy! We don’t have a TJ where I live, but I do enjoy whole grain pasta - just plain ol’ Cattelli brand. I really cut back my insulin for it as it has very little impact on my blgs. I’ll have to try your recipe!

@ Maureen - My wife and I have tried 5 other whole wheat and multi grain pastas, but the flavor and textures were off. I’ll have to look for Cattelli as well.

@Cathy - Sorry for the temptation. My wife is a quasi vegetarian (will eat chicken) and has gone over to one friend’s house who always seems to cook beef or lamb and doesn’t offer an alternative. Sorry for the temptation. I’ll try to create some better recipes.

I saw a healtheir version of Olivieri (fresh) pasta that I’m going to try out soon as well. It’s in Canada, not sure about the States