Training for opod

Has anyone ever opted out of the official training from the Omnipod trainer?I actually did,reason being my Doctor has been working with me for 10 years,we have a great relationship and a huge trust factor…He has been learning things about the opod thru me bringing him the literature etc…anyhow,He set up the pdm for me and I will be going back to his office to tweak things if needed on July 21st…anyone else ever had a situation like this? p.s. The trainer did not seem too happy,but after 7 days of playing telephone tag with her,The Dr. and I proceeded on our own…Patti

You did the right thing if you couldn’t touch base with the trainer. I had an excellent trainer, I was lucky. She would call me on and off at home to make sure things were good…did this for almost 2 weeks.
If you feel your Dr gave you enough information, good deal! The book explains quite a bit ias well…

if i would have waited for the trainer, I would have waited 2 months. I put in the settings from my previous pump and started it my self, not that i would recommend this, but my dr helped me fine tune the insulin the following week. we had to make a few changes but nothing drastic, we changed a few settings in the time and amount per hour. all is good and i have been using it for over a year. when i received mine my dr and educator didn’t know anything about how to run it, I read the book from cover to cover and started with my settings and when i went for my appointment we reviewed the book and made sure everything was set. With all bases covered we were happy. My trainer wanted me to travel for miles during my work hours and I was not able to get the time off at that time.

Congrats on podding and I did the same, the trainers are not convienient to us if they don’t schedule in a timely manner. We pay alot of money and don’t want this sitting around to long.

Good choice and good luck

I had a 15 minute intro, filled the pod with insulin and stuck her on. We called back and forth for a few days checking in but other than that I have chosen to go it on my own. If she minded, I wasn’t aware. She is the CDE for 2 endos in a large hosp/clinic…she’s busy. I think I came in pretty knowledgable, thanks in part to everyone here and based on my comfort level, she was comfortable too.

I haven’t heard of anyone doing that, but I also don’t think it’s unreasonable based upon your relationship with your doctor. I prepared for our training by reading through the manual more than once and doing the disc tutorial and felt I knew a lot about the pump before training. Caleb had never used a pump before and was only diagnosed three months earlier. I think we got a few specific pointers from the OmniPod trainer that were helpful, but I don’t think the trainer was absolutely necessary either. There was never any follow up from our trainer. She showed up late and seemed in a rush to be done. So, I’m pretty confident you will be just fine :).

I set mine up with my educator. Never saw a trainer. I think as long as you were introduced to the system, it shouldn’t matter who did your training.

I started with my doctor as I had 1 month wait to go through Diabetic educator. I did check with Diabetic Educator to reconfirm my settings and got trained to do bolus and basal testing. I feel I am on a good track.

Were some of you trained by an Omnipod person? I was trained by the CDE at my doc’s practice.

I guess what and who you are comfortable with is what matters. You may want to talk with the trainer mine gave me some tips on attaching the pod and other little known facts. Glad all is going well for you!

Thanks everyone for the replies …I appreciate all of the input. I am so happy to be a part of a forum like this.Thanks again,Patti

Never met a rep…My CDE and I just went for it…easy peazy…and I’m not good at all about waiting for anything!

I met with a CDE… this week actually. The training took about an hour. She had me set up a pod with saline and put it on so we could play with all the settings. Then she had me deactivate that one and set one up with insulin. From there I was all set. She has also been calling me everyday since the training to make sure everything was OK and answer any questions. I am very pleased with the training I received but if I was in your situation, I would have worked with my doctor as well.