Training on Omnipod next week- followed by vaca... need advice

Marina, are you currently on insulin? If you are doing long-acting insulin with fast-acting boluses already, the pod shouldn’t be much different. I did find that I used less insulin with the pod than doing manual injections, particularly with the long-acting insulin. The pod releases fast-acting insulin regularly, which works better than the long-acting that you take once per day. If we knew what you are currently doing and a little about your control, that would help. My control is good, so if I am in a situation like yours, I will err on the high side for my BG levels. A few days of being a little high is a lot easier than going too low – and less dangerous. Your control will probably be a little out of whack for awhile anyway, and your endo will probably start you a little easier on the dosing and work toward better control since you’re just starting. That’s my take, anyway.

I am on Lantus 15 units in the morning, and also on Novolog for meals. It sounds like we are similar. I do agree I’d rather be high than low, lately I’ve been that way because I have a cold and have been correcting for the lows instead of changing my Lantus. Did you go at 80% of what your Lantus was or the same?

Yes - sorry - I didn’t read the other responses before I submitted mine. I have not gone through airport security with Pods, but I have with all the needles and insulin and stuff and they barely looked at it when I said diabetic supplies. Actually when I mentioned it - there was a young man in front of me who said “oh yeah” I have a pump - he was already through the screen. Again - they didn’t flinch.

Well I got an email back from my educator, and Eric you were right, she agrees that it’d be a good idea to put off the pump training until after I get back. Thank you everyone for the advice though- in general it’s great to know more about the Omnipod and what I should be doing regardless of whether or not I’m going out of town next weekend! Thanks again!

I live in S.D, If you need any help or anything! let me know!
I have boxes of spare everything! haha so dont be afraid! Enjoy your vacation in San Diego!

I started out at a basal rate much lower than my Lantus dose – probably about 50%. I was taking a total of 90+ units per day of Lantus and Novolog combined, and now I probably average about 65 units total – with much better control. In a year, I’ve only tweaked my basal rate one time – upping my daytime rate and dropping my nighttime rate slightly. The pump is a much better delivery system than long-acting insulin. If your control is good now, it’ll probably only get better. I’m sure you’d be fine starting the pod before your trip, but I don’t blame your endo for just waiting. Good luck!

Looks like I can’t start now until after I get back. Thanks for the offer, though, I look forward to SD! I am staying in La Jolla- that’s where my best friend lives and I love that little town!

this sounds optimistic to me! I had an AIC of 6.1 in February which sounds good but I was so new to Diabetes that I was having too many hypoglycemic episodes and wasn’t eating much so that was the reason. Nowadays I am very high in the 200’s and 300’s is normal lately (although I have had a cold the last 2 weeks, I’m hoping I have an excuse). I would like to get back in control but I don’t know what else to do besides count carbs and cover it with insulin as best as I can!

I would have opted to postpone my training too.

But – when I trained, I did not actually put insulin into the first two pods, we used saline and I continued with my MDI - worked out perfect. …just another option I guess.

What do you mean by “Diabetic Card”? Is it one of those cards that explain that you are an insulin dependent diabetic blah blah blah or is there a D Card I dont know about???

Have fun in SD!

Just as an FYI, I fly maybe once, twice a month and have never had anyone at any airport in the US (or over seas) question my diabetic supplies- pods included. The only time anyone has ever asked me was when I wore a MM and in my pocket it looked like a cell phone/pager and the guard at the metal detector would always say “please remove your cell phone” and my reply of “I’m diabetic- it is an insulin pump” was always fine (esspecially since they don’t set of the metal detectors =)) If you look on TSA’s website they train the airport people to know what insulin pumps (pods included!) look like so I think that helps.

oh that is a great idea- I don’t know what the educator would have done but I’m assuming since she wanted me to postpone it would have been the actual insulin.
By Diabetic card it’s a generic card that tells people I’m Diabetic I just put in my wallet.

Just an FYI my new Omnipod training is on May 7th- what a bummer that I have to wait that long when it should have been tomorrow! :frowning: