Has anyone been given this medicine? I am a bit nervous to using it as it is a 1 pill for 24 hours and I do not need it every day as I have way to many pain pills as it is for my neuropathy.

I just had this discussion with my internist a few days ago. First, I can't answer your question for you. My info applies to myself only. But, I can't take Tylenol due to using a Dex cgm and I can't take any aspirin product due to another medical issue that I won't go into. So, I asked my internist what I could take for occasional aches or pains. I only need something occasionally. He suggested Tramadol and gave me a script. I asked about the addiction part and he was not concerned about it. He knows I don't take pain meds as a routine. But, there are just times when I sure could use a couple pills here and there. My neighbor takes Tramadol every day for back pain. She seems ok with it.

You should research it further and decide for yourself. There may be some who get addicted to it and you should know whether you are easily addicted to substances or not. My dr looked for any interactions with other drugs and found none. (He always checks since I am on a few meds.)
Tramadol, marketed under the brand name Ultram, is a centrally-acting synthetic opioid used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. Tramadol comes in tablet form and is available by prescription only. While Ultram is not an opiate, it produces effects similar to other opiates. Although it is not classified as a controlled substance in most states, it does have the potential to be abused. Even when used at prescribed dosages, tramadol can be habit-forming if used for a prolonged period of time.

Since I may use it three or four times a year at most, I am not too concerned for myself.

Thanks Nell
I to wear a G4 and perks were messing it up so they are wanting me to try this I guess when my pain is really bad I will try it.

I had to take it when I tore my bicep and I hated it. For some reason when I took it I had to unexpectedly lower my lantus 30% to keep from going super low.(and of course, when I told my endo this she didn't believe me) but the final straw for me was that it caused my skin to get itchy, dry, and peely. it was so bad that I would rather endure a torn muscle than put up with the itching.

I've been using Tramadol for several years since I have severe RA for 31 years. I am not addicted to it. I've tried quite a few pain killers including Morphine and Dilaudid. I usually take 4 Tramadol a day during the cold season and less during warm weather. It just makes me drowsy on occasion but not every day. I also take low dose Prednisone since the pain of RA is ridiculous when the meds stop working. I've had RA for 31 years and Osteoarthritis for the last 8 years.