Tranistioning from mini med 722 to ping anything i should know?

I got a mini med 722 when I was pregnant almost 4 years ago. Now I am switching over to ping. Is there anything I should know making this change?

What do you love about your ping?

What don’t you love about it?

I would love to know…I am pretty nervous about switching to a new pump system.


Congrats Shila, I have no info though. But I’ll follow your discussion as I will be starting my Ping Tues. Good luck and Happy New Year.


I love my Ping! I know compared to a mini med pump I get my basal insulin every three minutes versus their delivery which is more sporadic. I also know I get finer bolus increments when I eat for better meal time dosing. I also love the meter remote and the ability to test and deliver insulin to correct or cover my carbs without having to pull up the pump from my waistband or out of my pocket. Plus you can adjust your insulin to carb ratios or isf on the meter remote when doing this or do a combo bolus for high fat meals. Hope that helps!

THank you! Happy New Year to you also! I’ll be getting mine Monday but training won’t be until that weekend, I hope. that is still to be decided :).

Well if I find anything in training important I’ll send it to you. My CDE is going to start me with real insulin and skip the saline training. So I may have some suggestions. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and I won’t have anything to advise…lol.Look forward to comparing notes with you.

See I love that you can do things remotely with the meter. But I have a tendency to loose things LOL, this is one of the reasons why I am worried.

I am really interested in learning how the heck to do a combo bolus. I would love to know so on the very rare occation I get to eat some thin crust pizza I will know how to bolus for it.?

Thanks so much for your help!

Yes I am hoping we skip the saline completely since I have already been on a pump and I know how it works basically. I’m sure the menus and how to get around is different but that just takes practice.

And yes please keep me in the loop about how training went. Have you pumped before? Do you know what infusion set you are using?

Thanks so much

Yeah they probably will skip the saline since you’re a pro now. I have never used a pump. But because of my extreme sensitivity to lows and my medical training she seems confident that I will be able to handle it. A low will get me straight out of sleep fighting as if I started drowning. Even just low 80 wakes me up.

I chose the 90/straight inset but requested a box of the angles for comparison. I’m a bit meaty (fatty really…lol) so I figured the straight would be best. I’ve also read that alot of others perfer the straight too. They seem to have less errors with the straight. What do you use?

Did they tell you to get yours out and start going through the menus before training?

I am currently using medtronic mini med 722 @ about 75-85u’s p/day, I use quickset infusion sets and for the most part the straight/90 insets are pretty similar but different too. The tubing is ‘wound’ around the round circle of adhesion which makes it kind of hard to unwind without being scared of dismantling the whole insertion device, since its packaged as an all in one. And I am REALLY excellent at breaking things so this was a delicate balance getting it untangled, but i probably did it wrong LOL.

I got some samples from my local rep last week at my dr’s office right before my appointment. She put me on novalog right away and we used up the 2 straight/90 insets that work with the mini med pump. I did have some issues with them as stated above, but I don’t think I did bad for my first time but not great either. I had to toss one of the insets completely b/c I forgot to take of the needle cover…ugh. Oh well lesson learned. I only watched him ONCE. So I am hoping over time it will get better/easier you know?

I talked to the trainer this afternoon and told him some of the issues I was having the first time. He’s still waiting on the Rx from the Dr about what she wants me to learn. Hopefully he will get that info on Monday and when we talk again on Monday afternoon. He told me to watch the video that comes with the pump to learn more about how to use the inserts. No playing with the menus YET. But I just might do it anyways just for fun.

I ordered 5 boxes of 10 of the straight insets for my first supply order, but they said they would gladly exchange it within 30 days if i wanted the angled. But like you I am afraid of putting them in ‘wrong’ and thus wasting $$ on infusion sets due to user error.

That’s what scares me is the cost of wasted supplies. I cuss everytime I don’t get enough blood on a strip now.

I was really surprised my isurance covered me period because of my Endo’s persistence on Type 2 diagnosis. I fall more in the LADA category. Just need the GAD to confirm but he doesn’t want to order it. I think after my pump is set up I will find a new one (endo).

But my insurance approved me in less than 2 weeks and never argued. Who was your contact at Animas? I had Michelle Carr and she was great.

Jamie was my contact at Anamas she was really nice.

You know the best way to find a new Endo that I have found is either through other diabetics and or through your Animas rep. Since they visit all the endos and service them, they really KNOW them. And since most of the folks who work as reps are usually diabetics they can be really honest and open with you. That’s how I found my amazing Endo who spent 2 HOURS with me last week and treated me like I was a PERSON. Not juding me on physical appearence. B/c like you I also have some extra weight on my body. Take a look at the local group in your area and ask around.

I’m really blessed b/c my husband’s job is excellent and they pay for my supplies, but I hate the idea of wasting good supplies making silly mistakes.