Trans Gender

Well my 65th birthday came and went more with a flutter than thunder,I thought I would be filled with the knowledge of a wise man on reaching the Golden age but if I did the 13 pills a day two injections of insulin and Bydureon make my brain scrambled like eggs in a pan,my Angel has gone to work one thing for Angels they do like theire bed trying to get mine out is a majoe task, smudge is me-owwwing and rolling over on the carpet hope she does not come and sit on my keyboard which she often does I have to pet her until she has had enough and wonders off as if to say that is all you are getting today.
It has been 3 months since our second eldest son told us he was trans gender to be honest i am still having trouble accepting it not that I object in any way to him becoming a woman although woman do seem to be treated second class and not equalls in many walks of life but that is another subject for another day,having a wife and 2 small children does not seem to bother him/her much althoug they intend to seperate after 20 years or so have I have no idea how it is affecting his wife who we love dearly I have been told it is really nothing to do with me what he/she does with his/her life I suppose I am from the old school who I am told does not understand the World as it is today,and was once called an old b.....d by this very son/daughter perhaps I am but when I see my family torn to shreds I do have a right to say how I feel,what has this all to do with diabetes no idea,but as diabetes is a part of my daily life why not,not lost any weight on the new drug and it is not easy to assemble and take ny Angel does it for me leaving the injecting part to me,Sun trying to break through
the cloudy sky wish i could go for a walk down the lane to my secret place where time seems to stand still for a while at least.

i just want to let u guys knows that being gay is not the same as being trangender when ur tran gender u are a women outside and a male inside feelings or a man on the physical body but feel like a women on the inside how do i know because my brother came to me and told me he is a woman he is npot a women for over ten yrs and married to a man she is where she is suppose to be yes i was very upset but now we are best friends and close sisters it takes getting use to but u do get use to the big change and the pwerson is whole at last time heal everything good luck to u and happy birthday to twittlethumbs

Try not to think of the transition as being your child's fault. She did not choose to be transgender. She chose to try to hide it until she couldn't do it any more.

I know parents sometimes think it is because they "let" it. But half of homeless youth in my city (Chicago) are gay, lesbian, or trans (a lot trans); their parents' lack of acceptance doesn't stop them from being who they are (at least not that way- being homeless stops them from doing a lot). My brother is religious; he says he'd never let any child of his be transgender. But you don't get to choose if they're transgender. You only get to help them be people who can survive it.