You wake up some mornings well let's hope you wake up every morning otherwise this is a bit pointless,transferring from a dream state to wow another day thank you lord can be a bit of a misty experience from flying with the birds to putting your feet down on cold carpet can come as a bit of a shocker to the system,the cold reality of the winters morning on your piggies before you get to the slippers can be a twilight moment.

Some say the dreams are a way for your mind to cope with all the stains and stresses of the day,my brain certainly does not like having to deal with diabetes or heart failure because I do not have them in my wonderland called dreams,I can chased by angry demons or have superpowers but diabetes and heart failure are never mentioned is this a fail safe device we have,when you dream are you sick or fit as a fiddle let me know.

Cannot ever remember having to inject my tender body seven times a day for insulin victoza and blood letting sorry testing.

The excitement of grand children can be infectious the chasing tag and playing with grandad can leave me cream crackered how can you say no to a grandson who wants to spend time with grandpa,or a granddaughter who wants you to play with her Polly pocket,the chasing does tire me out pretty quick and children do not understand the term grandpa needs a rest, on Thursday Daniel wanted to make a snow man so we all put on wellies coats and scarves and ventured into our back garden after 5 minutes I was really done in collecting snow good job I had help from my Angel who helped Daniel make a wonderful snowman for the first time in his life great being four wish I was.

It took me some hours to get back to some kind of normality blood sugar wise but there quick bursts of energy do seem to upset my rhythm like the saying goes no spring chicken more of an old Bull Elephant tired cranky and best left alone,Seeing the smile of delight on Daniels face at his snowman carrot for a nose stones for eyes and small branches for his arms and to top it off grandads hat well that will be a moment for him to remember later on in his life when grandpa is flying with the Angels of stacking coal below.