Transitioning to different insurance

So, here’s my predicament… I have coverage now for supplies and such, but I am looking for a new full time job with benefits.

I was wondering what others have done during the transition between having coverage and getting new insurance…not sure how long the transitioning would be, but want to plan ahead for this.

Currently I’m using tslim pump, but would go back to shots if need be and if it’s only a few mos.

Any advice is appreciated…

When I transitioned between insurance last time, I had a little less than 30 days without insurance. I filled all more prescriptions as late as possible that month and just let the first insurance “go” while I waited on the next one to start – knowing that, in case of emergency, I could still back-pay the COBRA payment to the old policy intact.

If you’re leaving one job for another, make sure you ask the new employer what, if any, waiting period they have to get onto their insurance (I don’t know but does ACA dictate that now?). You always have up to 60 days to retroactively extend your existing employer-sponsored insurance with COBRA (by paying the likely large monthly payment (or two)). COBRA will, close the insurance “gap” if absolutely necessary.

In many jobs you can expect a 30 - 60 day lapse period. Here are some strategies. First, you can buy continuing coverage from your former employer. This is usually very expensive and for most is not a practical consideration. But you can stay on this coverage for at least 12 months. (COBRA)

The second option is to do as Thas suggests and let it lapse, but stock up on services and supplies as late as possible to try and bridge the gap. This also may not be ideal since out of pocket and prescription carry over might not work correctly.

You can also sign up for Medicaid for short periods, I will have to let someone else speak to this because I do not have experience with it

Finally, you can choose to purchase coverage under the affordable care act. This will be tailored to your income and, will be also be expensive, but less so than other options beside Medicare.

I suggest going Medicaid, affordable care act, back end loading supplies and skipping a period of time and finally in the last case think of using COBRA.

Best of luck