Transmitter 112 day countdown

I am sure the answer to by question is no, but here goes. Is there anyway to turn off or pause the 112 day countdown clock in the Transmitter once it’s started? I am aware of the Reset Apps for the Transmitters.

Depends on which transmitter. G5 or G6?

(Assuming dexcom).

MM1, I use the Dexcom CGM. I am currently using the Dexcom G5 Transmitter, but will be going to the G6 soon.

My understanding, is once the transmitter is started by hooking it to a sensor (or maybe any contact on those gold pads), it really is using the battery whether it is hooked to a sensor or not. I think some earlier models of transmitters were started when they were removed from the magnet in the box. So I’m not sure why you’d want to disable the 112 day countdown unless you hooked it up to a bigger battery than original. (Echoes of the first Iron-Man movie where he had a car battery strapped on him).

If you have android phone or tablet, you can install xDrip and get additional days past 112, until battery basically dies. Dexcom app or receiver will stop reading transmitter data, even though transmitter may be sending data out. Some get a few more days, some get 60 or more days.

G5 transmitters lose some battery power from time of manufacture, so if you have original box, you might get an idea of total days since mfg vs days since started using.

Some people get 2 transmitters every 6 months, so 2nd one would have been slowly draining. Once in use, battery drains faster.

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This is true for G4 transmitter. I miss that they changed that, and main reason I did not upgrade to G5.

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