Trashy Lady


So here lately I’ve been feeling trashy will all of this dexcom, Omnipod, butterfly test strip waste filling up my house…haha. I know some of you can relate, especially if you use the pod system. Sometime I cringe when every three days I have to just toss such a neat device! I also feel that with all the extra supply boxes and trash that mounts up from supplies that I have to take out the garbage even sooner than if I didn’t have all this supply junk! Not to mention the kids continuously finding butterflies around the house, Freestyle Lite users will know what I’m talking about. :smile:


In Canada you can return 50 pods at a time to Insulet, for free, in a supplied bag and FedEx envelope. Does such a program not exist in the States?


I believe they have a similar program. I was given a bad to send in used Pods when I used Omnipod. (Excessive trash was not why I stopped being a Podder :slight_smile:). Al lthe other trash - guilty as the next PWD!


Why did you stop Podding Thas?


Several reasons. First, I tend to need to change sites every 2-2.5 days. Changing pods every other day was not ideal and ended up resulting in a lot of wasted insulin, etc. Also, I don’t understand why, but I seemed to need a fair bit more insulin to maintain my level of control when using Omnipod than I do when using 90-degree canulae - more insulin meant (for me) more skin irritation. Even with that, I felt like I was not getting quite the results I’d gotten on the previous pump. I also did not like the form factor - I hated the insertion hit, and felt MORE encumbered by the Pod than I did with a tubed pump - it felt too heavy on my skin. (I guess I have sensitive skin! :blush:).

I’m sure most of those issues could have been resolved, but I was also on a time constraint to change my mind before the available offers for replacement of my then-orphaned Asante Snap pump ran out, so I went with the Animas Vibe…

… and now, I’m once again pump-orphaned and will have to pick what to go to from a smaller field… Or wait for more players to join the fray?


It’s so interesting to read how different we all are. Thanks for your input Thas I hate that it was uncomfortable for you how frustrating! I take less insulin in the pod but that’s because I always got air bubbles, I tried everything but those air bubbles were the final straw. No one else I know had trouble with those like I did and no matter what temperature, how many bubbles I flicked out, how I held the vile, they found their little way in there. I think I’m going to start making Christmas decorations with the pods. :joy:


We did that several years ago. Still have them and friends send me photos every now and then of the ones we made for them. :slight_smile:


I fill my pump from pens – I’ve never used vials. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never had air bubbles. Well that’s not entirely true… I push the cartridge’s needle through the membrane on the pen, then dial up the amount I want to insert into the cartridge and push it in. I get ONE big bubble from the first push of insulin from the pen, which I easily push back out of the cartridge. After that, I finish filling the cartridge, bubble-free.

If (ok, WHEN :slight_smile:) I re-fill a cartridge, I get no additional bubbles - just clean, clear insulin.

While I’m talking about my cheats, I’ll add the other: I carefully also overfill the cartridge by 15-20 units – enough to handle priming the tubing, but not enough to push the O-ring out of the cartridge (and lose all the insulin!). This way, loading the cartridge also pushes all the air out of the tubing, so I only have to do a 1-unit prime step…

What can I say? I learned some really “bad” habits from the very well-designed Asante Snap pump! :sunglasses: