Travel issues

Hoping someone can give me some ideas. My first two airline travels with the pump went pretty well. The two issues I have are that when I get where I am going…one trip was a 2 hour plane flight (one way), the other 7 hours…all 4 legs…by the time I was landed…I had bled back through the infusion site and it takes about twice as long as normalfor these sites to “heal”. The seat belt was not rubbing on the site or such…any ideas?

I also worry about the insulin being unrefrigerated for the durartion of the flight…I know it keeps for 28 days at room temp…but what about the in the fridge out of the fridge thing?I always take more than I need in case of…but worry that it will go bad faster because of this

guess I should also have said I have a MM 722 and use the quick sets

I have never had problems with it bleeding back in on a flight. I’ve had it happen right after I injected the infusion set. Yes, twice the time to heal…

The insulin will be ok…I’ve never had any problems with it as long as it’s used in 28 days. You should be able to tell if it’s not ok, it will be cloudy.

Hope this helps.

Last year, I had a job for which I traveled all over the country - a different city every week, sometimes more, so I can totally relate. Anyhow, as for keeping insulin cold, and if you have it insulated it should be fine, even on a long flight. Usually the hotels I stayed at would give me a fridge, but a few times in a low-budget place they didn’t, so I filled the ice bucket and placed my covered, insulated insulin on top, and it was fine.
I never had any problems with bleeding but it could just be the place you inserted it was not good, and it may have just bled regardless.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I didn’t know it would become cloudy!

It has been four differnt sites…so…just a mmmv issue I gues…but thanks!

I travel a lot as well… and I use Frio packs to keep the insulin cold! I HIGHLY recommend them. You get the pack wet and it stays cool for 3 days, then if you get it wet again, it will stay cooler longer. I even use them on hot days to carry my insulin around.

I have never had a problem with infusion sets on flights-- hope that you are able to sort that out— I know that it takes SO long to heal!

well, when I get home I will have to order a frio and try it next time (don’t think it would make it here for my 5am trek to the airport in the morning) On my way to Atlanta GA again…really like it there except this is two times in a row I get stiffed for a Braves Game! :frowning:

Hope I can figure out the infusion set thingy too…just crazy this stuff is sometimes!