Traveling in Europe, need help

Hello all. I live in Colorado and am currently in Paris. I brought 10 pods for 11 days. My last 3 pods have lasted a few hours. I have 3 left , but obviously that doesn’t mean much at this point. Any ideas on help??

How did the pods fail?

I keep my pods in my hand-luggage when I travel. I don’t know whether you had yours in your suitcase. Have you had a bad batch?

Ypsomed is a European Company, so getting more pods is feasible. Theoretically, Ypsomed France should be able to take your failed ones back & send you replacements for free.

Good luck!

Call omnipod. I had problems with my pump when I was in Europe, but I was using minimed at the time. I call them freaking out and they assured me they could ship anywhere in the world if I need it. Thank God i was able to fix my pump with their help over the phone. They will be able to help you, call them.

Yes, Omnipod should be able to help ASAP. For me I usually carry an insulin pen and some needles just in case of total failure. Never had this much trouble though.

The advice to contact Omnipod in France is good. However, given the delay in shipping new pods in an emergency, I also have learned to have an immediate back up plan : pens with short and long acting insulin (and the appropriate instructions). I carry the short acting insulin pen with me always, and I carry both on trips just in case I have a massive pod failure. For example, last week, I had forgotten that my back up pods were in my checked luggage; my pod failed while I was in transit . My pens saved the day and kept BG numbers in control. We all need a variety of backup options.

If all else fails, go to an emergency room at the nearest hospital. Explain your problem. If you do not have any back-up syringes and insulin to use, they will set you up with emergency supplies until you can get help from Insulet. You may even get lucky and get some advice from those doctors on where to go to get Pods locally while in Paris. Good luck, and I hope that the rest of your trip goes smoothly.