So this weekend my fiancé and I went to a wedding in Iowa. He was in the wedding party and I had to follow around the men in the wedding. Being on the men’s side meant nobody knew what was going on, the groom had not organized anything, and beer drinking was certainly prioritized over scheduled meals. I didn’t know anyone in the wedding and felt weird asking for special accommodations to find food just for me. I did however bring a cooler with snacks to hold me over in case there were no opportunities to eat.

On the way up we ate Subway and then met the guys to go to the rehearsal dinner. Long story short, we end up at a country club (with no food because it was a hick town) for hours. The men were drinking beer and not concerned with the time whatsoever. I had 2 glasses of wine. We get to the groom’s house to get ready for the shower and I’m told I have 5 minutes to get ready. I throw on clothes and makeup as fast as possible and run outside. Then I find out we are all going in a van to Minnesota for the rehearsal. My fiancé said he packed the van, and I asked if he had my bag and he said yes. I thought real quick about what else I needed, but didn’t come up with anything. Everyone was piling in the van so I followed.

We get on the van and everyone was having fun, drinking beer, and carefree. I wanted to feel the same so I have a few beers and relaxed. The rehearsal was at 6:00 so I assumed dinner would be around 7:30. Well because we were 45 minutes late to the rehearsal the dinner wasn’t until 9:00. I then realize that not only is my cooler in Iowa, but so are my glucose tabs and extra pen needles. The rehearsal took forever and I could feel myself getting low while watching. We were in the middle of nowhere so I couldn’t walk to a store for a snack, and I didn’t have my car to drive anywhere. So I had to just sit there.

After the rehearsal was over everyone was taking their time to get to the dinner and I started getting really pissed off. My fiancé tells the groom I need to eat, but I jump in and say, “no I’m fine” because I don’t want to be a nuisance. It was his wedding rehearsal, so why should some girl he does not know dictate how the evening goes. I should have been prepared.

Everything ended up ok, I drank some soda and made it to the dinner, but it was a really frustrating day. The wedding day was similar - nobody wanted breakfast, my fiancé had to ask for special arrangements for me, dinner wasn’t until 8:00 after skipping lunch, etc. It was a disaster, and I made a bunch of bad decisions. I drank all day with them, drank wine to fix a low, and never asked the driver to take me to get some food. I didn’t want to be in the way.

Now I’m home and feel like ■■■■. Who knows what my sugars were like yesterday, but I’m sure they were all over the place. There are normal hangovers, and then there’s this. My body feels like I put it through a war.

I chalked it up to men being unorganized. Now I see that as a huge projection. I was unorganized, and really can’t afford to continue to make these mistakes.

Tomorrow I leave for a week in Jersey. Hopefully I make sure to allow for the proper accommodations.

Sorry to hear about this bad day!!

I always keep little sugar packs (like from McDonalds) in my meter, every purse, even in pockets. It’s good to have back up plans to your back up plans for days like this!!

Hope that your next trip is much smoother!!!